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"I lost over 30lbs in 12 weeks before my wedding" - Hilary Tidy - "The best personal trainer in the city, 100% recommended, you must go and see Gav" - Jack Millington- "His Ibiza retreat was the BEST week of my life" - Giles Naish -

Luxury Fitness & Lifestyle Retreats

The Ibiza Retreat

* 7 Nights In a Luxury Villa in Ibiza
* Full Catering From our 5* Chef
* Yoga, Massage & Meditation
* Cliff Jumping
* Daily Fitness/Bootcamp
* Beach Activities
* Nutrition, Habits & Mindset Workshops
* Group Night Out
* Life Transformational Changes

The dream is just one click away

Personal Training 
& Online Coaching

Join 100's of clients who have experienced incredible fat loss, improved health & fitness and many other life changing health benefits from working with me, 121 or with my online coaching programmes. Are you next?

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Fitness & Nutrition Expert


With over 20 years experiential knowledge in the fields of fitness, nutrition, mindset & personal development, I've separated the “wheat from the chaff” and honed in on the activities and philosophies that will produce the best results as fast as possible and in the most efficient and safe manner.

I know you are looking for results.

Results you've always wanted yet never achieved.

I teach you how to focus on what WORKS and to forget the rest.

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