11 Tips From Charles Poliquin

I was listening to a great podcast the other day with Tim Ferris and Charles Poliquin.

For those that don’t know Tim Ferris, he wrote the “4 hour workweek” and the “4 hour body”

He is basically looks at successful people, people like billionaires, top sportsman and entrepreneurs and examines what makes them tick, their morning routines, picks apart how and why they are so successful in their field…

…and then tries to improve on that.

This is commonly known as “life hacking”

Basically getting something done in life, quicker, easier and more efficiently.

Charles Poliquin is considered to be one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

He has had Olympic medalists in about 18 different sports…

…suffice to say he knows his onions.

I’ve trained with him in New York eight years ago and much of what Tom and I teach comes from his philosophy and training methodologies.

Put Charles and Tim in a room for two and half hours and you are gonna get some great stuff to take away.

Charles covered a lot of topics and to save you from listening to the whole podcast, I’ve extracted the best parts to give to you today.

You’re welcome

Here we go – one hundred and fifty minutes condensed into about four minutes of reading.

  • Focus on getting strong in the gym

Particularly important for ladies. If you increase your strength, everything else will follow. Muscle gain and fat loss

  • Prioritise compound lifts

E.G. Squats, dead lifts, chin ups, dips etc

^^^Most effective

  • Wild meat/game/fish whenever possible

Organic, grass fed. Alaskan salmon, not farmed

  • Meat and nut breakfast

Reindeer steak and macadamias anyone?

Wicked for fat loss and switching on your brain in the morning

  • Sleep in a bat cave

Black out every night. No light. Promotes a deep sleep

  • Heavy weights to boost your “T” levels

Testosterone builds muscle, burns fat, makes you feel sexy and gives you confidence.

You have to love that right?^^^

  • Use non-toxic personal care products like shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser etc

Parabens (preservatives) have been linked to cancer and the onset of early puberty in girls.

Ask me for the brand we use

  • You really have to earn your carbs!

Unless you are 10% body fat you don’t need many carbs after a workout.

If you are fat then you get “two licks of a dried prune every two weeks”

  • Essential supplements every day are fish oil, a broad spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, extra magnesium, Vit D and whey protein.

Enough said.

  • Avoid the cross trainer and elliptical machine like the plague

You know I’m not a fan of cardio machines. Unless you want to get fat that is…

So there we have 11 great tips from Charles Poliquin, trainer to a myriad of international sports stars and Olympic athletes.

If you have been reading the newsletter over the last few years you will have seen ALL of these points before along the way.

I’m hoping that you all go out and use them and achieve the results you deserve.

Til Friday my friends…

Gav “dry prune licker” Gillibrand

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