2 Stone (28lbs) Fat Loss in 12 Weeks?! No Way!

Today I have an amazing weight loss testimonial from Lane Thompson who just finished a 12 week coaching programme with me.
Over to Lane :

“I have always struggled with my weight (and suffered with an over-reactive knife and fork).

I had always done a lot of weightlifting but had never taken the nutrition seriously – I had always thought that to lose weight I’d have to basically become vegan and live on Lentils and sunflower seeds

I was also afraid I wouldn’t be as strong if I lost weight, but 12 weeks on and 2 stone lighter I couldn’t be more happier.



[2 STONE!]

I eat a lot of high protein/low carb foods which means I’m always full up and also means I’m not losing muscle with the fat!

And I can now deadlift and bench press more than ever!!

I couldn’t have done this without Gav’s knowledge, experience and his 12 week coaching plan – he gave me a plan to follow and I did just that – and it worked.

I’d 100% recommend working with Gav – thanks”

Awesome work Sir, you’ve been a total pleasure to work with and you should be very proud of yourself – well done.
If you are struggling with your weight, here’s what I’d like you to do.

Send me an email so we can chat about getting you results like Lane.

2 stone in 12 weeks – what would that do to YOUR life?

Gav 🙂

PS. Please congratulate Lane and reply to this email and I will make sure he sees them – thanks in advance guys

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