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Eating an Egg is The Same as Smoking 5 Cigarettes

This was the message conveyed in a recent documentary on Netflix called “What The Health”

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out.

It’s quite a bold statement isn’t it? Eating an egg is the same as smoking 5 cigarettes.

Is there any truth to it?

Let’s take a look.

I will be honest. You need 10min to read this one as it’s long but it’s worth it so stay with me.

This newsletter actually is two fold. To start with I wanted to look at whether you can get all the nutrients we need from just food alone and then when I saw the documentary, it allowed me to combine that with the analysis of the documentary and you will see how they are heavily linked as we go along.

I’m going to state a few facts and then I want you to make up your own mind on whether we can get the nutrients we need from our food sources and at the same time, give you an unbiased view on the documentary.

Food, in all its forms is produced with one thing in mind.


Not health.


The meat and agriculture industries are trillion dollar industries.

As consumers we want bigger, better, tastier and with an ever-growing world population, this demand won’t stop.

Animals are born to be slaughtered. I’m not going into whether they should be and whether it’s inhumane or not today, that’s no what this is about but what I will say is that they are born to be killed and sold for profit.

This means that they pumped full of drugs like growth hormone and antibiotics and various other drugs with a view to improve their size and supposedly the quality of their meat, and/or to prevent diseases that occur due to the conditions the animals are kept in – this is a fact.

In fact, around 450 different drugs in various forms are used on animals to keep them alive and “healthy” so they can be slaughtered.

We also know that 80% of the antibiotics prescribed worldwide are used in the meat industry and humans use only 20%.

When you eat meat, you ingest those drugs, all of which have no benefit to a human’s physiology. In fact they have massive side effects.

The documentary said that eating processed meat like bacon, burgers, hot dogs, ham, pork and cheese and anything dairy causes cancer and diabetes.

It said that eating an egg was the same as smoking 5 cigarettes. It also said that eating an egg, which was high in fat would raise cholesterol and cause heart disease. It hammered this home by showing a woman in the kitchen frying 5 cigarettes in a pan as her young kids gaze on, innocently.

Bold statements. More on that in a bit.

I’m sure most of you know to avoid eating too much processed meats and food and I can agree that these are just not great for us.

I can agree that the quality of meat these days is the worst it’s ever been for our health and is produced for profit with no care about our health.

We also know that many of the large meat companies sponsor the American Diabetes association and the American heart association.

Ok, it doesn’t look good for all you meat eaters does it?

So I ask the question to you.

Do you think with all drugs and chemicals going into our meat supply, we are getting the nutrients we need?

Let’s look at fruit and vegetables.

With agriculture, we can now get any type of fruit or vegetable in any season.

The demand is so high that the topsoil is severely depleted of the vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that should be in the ground. To stop various bugs and infestations, crops are sprayed with fungicides and pesticides and many other highly toxic chemicals to kill them off.

When we eat these crops, we get all the chemicals in our body too.

These products taste good and they look good but do not contain the level of nutrients that they did 100 years ago. On top of that, they contain far higher levels of potentially deadly toxins.

OK, what about all eating organic?

Well there are a lot of studies to suggest that organic foods don’t contain many more nutrients than non-organic so the extra cost might not be worth it.

But honestly, how many of you are entirely organic? And do you only eat organic when you go to a friend’s house or eat in a restaurant?


So again, I pose the question; do you think you can get all the nutrients from your food?

Let’s look at the environment.

Our water supply is horrendous. Water from the tap is water that has been reused over and over again. This means that what goes down the toilet and the plughole, you will drink again at some point. It’s been cleaned for sure and to a level that makes it drinkable but every drug that any human uses is found in our water supply. Painkillers, antibiotics and birth control pills and all the others.

There’s more.

In the last 50 years, humans have made, found or used over 50million unique chemicals, all of which we are exposed to on some level in one way or another.

Factories, cars, trains, machinery, aircraft and anything else you can think of produce hundreds of thousands of tonnes of toxins and carbon emissions and we are exposed to every day.

From our meat, fruit and vegetables, water supply and the environment, as humans we are under massive attack now more than ever from chemical, toxins and harmful drugs than ever before.

So. Still think we can get all the nutrients from our food?

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that current stats show that 9/10 of us will die from a degenerative disease. MOST of which are man made from all of the above.

To take it back to the documentary, it turns out that it was nothing more than a vegan propaganda tool.

They made some fair statements about the quality of meat and dairy but when you throw a load of experts in a room that show studied based on correlation rather than causation, then it becomes nonsense.

To say an egg is like smoking is just wrong. Poorly kept chickens produce poor quality eggs. I would advise you to buy the best quality eggs you can afford.

Organic and free range are much better than the two dozen you can pick up from the corner store for a quid.

A quality egg is one of the most complete protein sources on the planet, rich in nutrients, essential fats and protein and is most definitely a health food.

Scaremongering and propaganda bullshit in one sentence.

Don’t buy it, please.

So today was a mix of two things. Dissecting the pro vegan, anti meat documentary and looking at whether we can get all the nutrients from our food.

I could go on and on but let’s wrap it and give you some take aways.

1. Eat the best quality meat, eggs, fish and fruit and vegetables you can afford. Will you avoid all of the above? Probably not.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruit than you do at the moment.

3. Drink bottled but preferably filtered water if you can.

4. It’s always a good idea to reduce dairy consumption purely because the quality of dairy is awful. See the above for why. Baby cows should drink cows milk, not humans. That said, only people that are lactose intolerant NEED to avoid dairy.

5. Ignore propaganda like this documentary and look at real studies done impartially.
When you get a bunch of quacks stating that the biggest animals on the planet like rhinos and gorillas eat a plant based diet so that means we should eat only plants, and that eating meat and eggs will kill you like cigarettes, you know you are in trouble.

6. I believe 100% that BECAUSE of the above, we all need a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement every day.

When someone argues this point with me, I basically just laugh and say “OK, take a look yourself and make up your mind”

“But you represent a company that deals with vitamins and minerals Gav, you would say that!”

Yep but I’m a nutritionist first and foremost and care about my own health and the health of everyone that I can help and from what I know and believe, that’s where I stand.

I have no agenda to push. My aim is to give you the best impartial knowledge and advice that I can.

I hope that you have found this beneficial.

Happy Monday

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