Freezing My Nuts off For the Good Of My Health


If you’ve been reading the newsletter for a few years you may recall that I said was going to go for some “cryotherapy” to help with my injured knees.

As it happens, I didn’t go…BUT, I did on go last Friday to a brand new place thats recently opened up right here in the city on Artillery lane called “London Cryo”

Whole body cryotherapy, for those that haven’t heard of it, involves standing in a “cryo-cabin” as it’s called and with the use of liquid nitrogen, being exposed to temperatures of around -140 degrees celsius.

Yes, that’s minus 140…

Dressed in nothing but my undies, some very fetching white socks and “croc” like shoes and white gloves, I entered the cabin with a mix of excitement and trepidation.


Excited because it’s something new (which I love) and I know the benefits from a treatment like this and trepidation because I’m about to literally be frozen with liquid nitrogen with nothing but a pair of gloves, socks and Calvin Klein’s to protect my extremities and the crown jewels.

“Cryo” comes from the Greeks meaning icy or cold and to be honest, many pro athletes and sports teams have been using this and cold thermogensis for a while now.

Tony Robbins is a big fan and has one installed in a few of his homes all over the world (of course) and Tim Ferris and many other prominent but credible celebrities have endorsed this as an effective treatment.

I filmed a Facebook Live of me in the cabin.

Just click below 🙂

But why and how does it work, I hear you saying.

The dry liquid nitrogen rushes into the chamber and the extreme cold forces your body to shuttle all the blood to your core to protect your vital organs.

On leaving the cabin, the blood floods back to the rest of your body. This hyper oxygenated blood flushes the whole system with red blood cells and to be honest, I felt great.

I left the place a little heady, buzzed and energised but nothing fell off so I’d say it was a huge success 🙂

The benefits of cryotherapy to you are:

* Prevent or alleviate muscle soreness.

* Injury recovery and rehab.

* Anti-aging (YES!)

* Decreased stress levels from decreased cortisol production.

* Increased release of endorphins.

* Boost immune function.

* Improve arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

* Increased metabolism.

* General sense of well being and increased energy.

It’s also purported to burn between 500 and 800kcals during or straight the session although I can’t corroborate that entirely, although I did leave the clinic with a six pack **

Our friends at LondonCryo have very kindly offered the readers of this newsletter a generous 30% discount off their first session.

Ask for Maria the owner and mention/use the code “Gav8020” for your discount.

Get yourself down there, check the place out and take advantage of the discount code…

…I know I will be.

Have a great day everybody and an even better week.

Gav 🙂

PS Too cool for school <===

PPS ** The six pack may have already been there…

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