You Need a MASSIVE Set of Balls To Do This!

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

We hear it all the time don’t we?

But do we actually appreciate it?

A 6 week old baby is stealing my sleep and for Alex, his mother, her sleep has been ruined entirely.

Of course, it’s all worth it but only when you lose something do you start to appreciate it.

We take things like food, water and shelter as a given here but to 3 Billion on the planet, that’s a luxury that many of them will never experience.

On a smaller scale, I tweaked my back about 8 weeks ago and haven’t been able to exercise, not even do light cardio.

It’s been tiring and painful and it’s costing me money in treatments. Not being in pain and being able to just move freely is something I value a lot at the moment.

Our health is something we should all value much higher than most of us do.

It’s the most important thing in life.

Without it we have nothing.

Improved health means better EVERYTHING.

Energy, career, family and money will all improve when your health is in order.

It’s a fact that many know but tend to ignore. You can’t wait until things go wrong to fix them.

That ain’t how it works I’m afraid.

Now medical intervention can be a band aid for many things but the damage is often done.

Prevention is far better than cure.

Oh you don’t have time to exercise?

That’s cool but you had better make time to be sick in the future then – just saying.

It’s time to take your health seriously.

If you are already then ignore me.

If you are not, now is the time to listen.

Don’t wait until January to do something about your weight, your health and your energy.

You owe it to yourself and everyone around you that cares about you.

Take my client Ian.

Been working with me for about 5 months now.

In this picture he is down about 8kg in body

ian testimonial image


Pretty impressive, I’m sure you all agree but that was 6 weeks ago

Check him out now!


A full 11.5kg of body fat lost.

Down from 85kg to 73.5kg in less that 6 months. It will even more impressive when we put his starting picture with this but this was taken just yesterday and I’ve not had the time just yet.

Ian, in his own words, has “never felt better and never been this lean, ever!”

The great thing with Ian is that he has turned such a massive corner, he will never go back to looking and feeling like he used to.

Amazing work Sir, it’s a pleasure to train you.

Now Ian is the same as most of you men out there.

Busy at work, eating and boozing too much and not enough exercise.

Look, I get it. I really do.

A few changes to his lifestyle and it’s made all the difference to his life.

Ian has now got his eye on a six pack.

I told him if he was a good lad, Santa might bring him one in the new year.

Now a six pack has a hefty price tag that only a few can afford.

It’s gonna take some sweat, hard work and a massive set of balls to get his body fat to around 10/12%.

I’ve paid the price a few times in my life and let me tell you, it’s worth every single dime.

I know everyone’s goals are different.

The six pack is purely cosmetic but why not? Its a great goal to have as long as health is the main priority.

When you train with me, it always will be.

Are you ready to turn your health and your life around?

Gav “Massive Balls” Gillibrand

PS. What’s the female equivalent to massive balls?

I think the term is brovaries…

PPS. If that didn’t have you smirking into your iPhone then nothing will 🙂

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