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This is Dangerous!

Did you see the cover of Cosmopolitan UK this last week?

Plus size model Tess Holiday is on the cover as it appears to have caused some controversy.

I understand the whole “positive body image” movement for women.

Girls are very susceptible to images and marketing and the idea of having a woman on the cover that isn’t a size zero like many supermodels makes sense.

At the risk of getting some abuse, I will tell you what I think is wrong with this.

I’m the first person to encourage health and feeling good in your own skin and not comparing yourself to anyone else, especially to an ideal that to many is not achievable or attainable.

Plus size models give hope and encouragement for all the “normal” women out there.

You can still be sexy if you are not a size 6 and have curves and body fat.

Yes, of course you can.

BUT, celebrating obesity is not the way. Tess is an attractive lady but she is morbidly obese and I’m telling you right now, she is not happy.

She may pretend to be but she isn’t.

She will have a whole host of health problems coming her way, if she doesn’t have them already.

Joint problems in her ankles, knees, hips and lower back from the excess weight she is carrying.

Increased sweating, snoring, constipation, sleep apnea and breathlessness.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, Diabetes, heart disease, risk of certain cancers and stroke and seriously reduced fertility.

These are just the ones I can think of, I’m sure there is a tonne more.

You can’t be obese and be healthy at the same time.

You just can’t.

Now you tell me.

With the risk of all these conditions and the chance of having many of them already, is Tess happy?

She is 5.5 and weighs 280lbs or 130kg if you prefer.

She has at least 60kg of body fat that she could lose to be anywhere close to being what I consider “healthy”

I’ve worked in this business for over 20 years and I’ve never met a person who was obese that wouldn’t give their right arm to change it.

Is this the message we should be promoting?

Should be we encouraging young girls/women that it’s OK to be so fat that life becomes a chore?

Because that’s exactly what Tess’ life is like.

She may appear to be funny, happy and bubbly in all her TV appearances and interviews but deep inside, it’s another story I’m sure.

How is this any different from putting a girl with anorexia on the front cover?

If we promoted anorexia the whole world would be outraged – surely this is exactly the same?

I think we are in very dangerous territory right now.

But what do you think?

Agree or disagree?

I’d love to know your thoughts.


PS. And before you a few of you get your knickers in a twist, I’m not fat shaming. I’m the first person to help and encourage – it’s what I do all day, every day.





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