11 Ways To Start Your Week STRONG

It’s Monday, as if you needed reminding.

For many, it’s the day of dread. Back to work and all the stress associated with that. Well, I can’t do much for your current employment situation but I can make you smirk into your cornflakes this morning.

I mean eggs and avocado of course…

I want you guys to start the week STRONG so I’ve compiled a list of things that will officially make you smile and improve your life today.

Feel free to add to this list but make sure you send it back to me.

1. Drink 500ml of cold mineral water first thing in the morning before you consume your favourite hot beverage from ….. (fill in the blank)

2. Instead of reading the paper, read a book about someone that is really famous and who changed or who is changing the world as we speak. I’m currently reading Elon Musk’s biography. I need me a self-drive car, that is all.

Oh and a ride to space one day.

3. Do some form of exercise today.

You owe it to yourself. It’s not a chore. It’s a luxury that you get to choose every day and it keeps you alive as long as possible.

4. Text/call your Mum or Dad if possible.

Enough said.

5. Laugh out loud as much as possible.

The benefits of laughter go so deep it’s hard to quantify.

Here is a joke that is short and funny.

“Why did the Mexican push his wife off the cliff? Tequila!

I have rude ones too. Just ask…

6. Eat protein and good fats throughout the day to keep your energy levels high and your brain switched on and firing on all cylinders. If you work out today, have some carbs for dinner. If you didn’t, keep them low.

7. Be nice to everyone even if they are a douchebag.

No one gets up and goes out their way to be a a**ehole, although it appears some might…

Maybe they have some serious problems in their life and remember, it’s usually about them and not you. Show a little compassion. (easier said than done, I know)

8. Avoid alcohol today.

Why? It’s Monday and you had a load over the weekend didn’t you?

Give your liver a rest God dammit!

9. Eat as many vegetables as you can.

And focus on all the berries for your fruit intake. Lots of vitamins and minerals, fibre and a tonne of healthy nutrients that we need every day

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Soon or later you learn it’s all small stuff. There is more to life than your work. You need to realise that in 40, 50 or 60 years or so you are gone and even that is a luxury that many won’t ever get.

11. Get to bed at 10pm tonight. 

Even if you are up at 5am that gives you 7 hours. If you get up at 7am then it gives you 9. Sleep is the undisputed no 1 when it comes to feeling good, burning body fat and improving the quality of your life when awake.

So there are 11 ways to start this week strong. Please email me back with things to add to this list.

And rude jokes please, thanks 🙂


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