5 Top Tips To Crush Jet Lag

Typically, Jet lag used to kill me.

Awake very early, say 3-4am and then be dying at 11am and then again at 9pm, hardly able to keep my eyes open and this would go on for at least 3 or 4 days. When I was awake, my mind was very fuzzy and I just didn’t feel my best.

That was then but now?

I’ve been trying various protocols over the last few years and I’ve finally cracked it.

This time I felt the best I’ve ever felt and virally zero jet lag once I was back in London, which is where most people feel it the most when coming back from the U.S.

5 key areas:

1. Fast on the plane (only water)

2. Exercise on arrival

3. Light meal, protein and fats ( no booze)

4. Turn off your WiFi

5. Supplement with melatonin

Watch the video below for the full details and how you can make this work for you next time you fly long haul.

I have to add to this as I missed this out in the video.

With the melatonin supplementation. Take 3mg every night you are away and once back home, take 3mg every night for the equivalent in time difference. EG. Salt Lake City is 7hrs behind London so I took 3mg for 7 days. If your designation is 8 hrs behind or ahead, you would take it for 8 days.

You can’t actually buy melatonin in the UK. Crazy but there you go. You can in the US and most of Europe.

I use USANA’s melatonin. Great quality and guaranteed potency but there are many other good brands too. Please be aware that melatonin is a powerful hormone and it would be unwise to supplement this every day as it MAY stop your own production of this in the future.

So there we have my 5 top tips for beating jet lag. Try it the next time you fly and I bet you will never look back.

Talk with you soon.

Gav 🙂

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