How To Beat Jet-Lag

How to beat Jet lag….

I apologise for the tardy effort with regards to the newsletter this week…

In my defence, if you didn’t already know, we have been in Vegas for the last 6 nights but we are back to London now and normal service will resume from Monday next week.

Vegas was great

I’ve talked about the jet lag protocol before, or should I say “anti jet lag” protocol so sorry if you have read this before.

We’ve been long haul four times this year and have been tweaking and perfecting as we go.

This time was the best yet so I thought I would report this to you.

This protocol allows me to get into the local time zone very quickly, experience minimal jet-lag on arrival at my destination and on arrival back in London.

Flight out…

Last meal before flight should be 2 hours before hand. Ideally protein and fats.

1) Fast on the plane and drink nothing but lots of mineral water.

2) Eat a meal on arrival consisting of a good source of protein and healthy fats.

Avoid carbs entirely and no alcohol (this night, at least)

3) Take a 2g melatonin tablet 30 mins before bed.

4) Go to bed on the first night at 10pm. If you land at 2pm, resist the temptation to have a snooze in the afternoon.

Wait until 10pm.

5) Wake up early, ideally 5am.

Chances are you probably will be up sooner.

6) Exercise before breakfast.

This is key. Some light cardio and a stretch is perfect.

7) Breakfast should again be protein/fats.

Keep your carbs until later that night at dinner.

Get on with your business trip/holiday as per.

9)Exercise every day, if possible.

Take 2g melatonin each night for the duration of your trip.

Flight in…

Follow the same steps 1-9.

Step 10 is slightly different in the fact that you should the melatonin every day for the time difference in hours.

E.g. Vegas is 8 hrs behind so I will take melatonin for the next 8 days.

This is the best way that I know to combat jet lag.

It works so please give it a try.

Here is a basic Q&A for a little more info.

Q1. Will I be hungry on the flight?

A. Yes, a little. But a little bit of hunger never did anyone any harm and it’s worth it in the long run.

Q2. Will I lose my muscle by starving myself?

A. The answer is no. Next?

Q3. I look forward to the meals on the flight and it helps to take up the time. Will I be bored?

A. Watch two films and read a good book. You won’t get bored.

Q4. I don’t think I can go 8, 10 or more hours without food, I think I will still eat. Will I still get jet lag if I just take melatonin?

A. The key is to fast.

Q5. Where do I get melatonin from?

A. We know a few good sources. Email me for details.

Q6. I like eating all the food and like an alcoholic drink when I am in the air, what drink is the best to reduce jet lag?

A. Just water. Stick to the protocol.

Q7. I think this protocol is rubbish so I will not follow it.

A. OK cool. It’s your prerogative. Enjoy your jet lag

So there we have it. The anti jet lag formula.

Please try it and let me know how you get on.

I would love for you all to get the same results that we do.

Have an amazing weekend.


PS. if you go to Vegas, check out the buffet at Aria…:)

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