Let’s Talk About Sex…

How was your weekend?

Today I want to talk about sex.

Everybody is doing it, most want more than they currently get and a lot of people find it hard to talk about it if there is a problem.

But do you know that the quality of your sleep has a direct relationship on your sex life?

If you haven’t read my blog on sleep, you can find that here.

It’s the no 1 factor in promoting good health.

Check that post out and then come back here.

So how does poor sleep affect our sex life?

Well to start with, lack of quality sleep lowers our levels of testosterone which is a powerful hormone present in men AND Women, just in smaller amounts for the ladies but it’s extremely important for so many functions including building muscle and fat loss.

Poor sleep can seriously reduce your libido meaning you just don’t want it.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that?

Coming in late for work, getting to bed and half wanting sex but would rather sleep than make the effort?

Or is that only me? 🙂

Reduced levels of “T” have also been linked to a higher incidence of depression and body fat gain, which as you can imagine, this environment doesn’t exactly put you in a mind set of wanting more sex.

You don’t want sex and then you start to gain weight and feel depressed and then want even less sex than you did before.

Not a vicious cycle that you want to be trapped in, I’m sure you can imagine.

Deep, restorative sleep will help you produce all the testosterone that you need.

Men in particular with low levels of T do not sleep well and studies show that they experience less REM or rapid eye movement which is when we process our memory.

On top of that, our lymphatic system is impacted and this is where our central nervous system is cleansed. It’s really a process where the brain flushes out toxins overnight.

Poor sleep has also been linked to erectile dysfunction, which is a hard topic for many men to talk about – pun intended.

The truth is, the female equivalent is just as common but for obvious reasons, it’s not a subject that is ridiculed.

You can see that everything is really linked and plays a part in the bigger picture.

For many that are overweight, sleep apnea can be a problem.

This is where the walls of the throat relax during sleep and your body actually stops breathing for sometimes up to a minute. This can be quite scary for the partner to witness as it looks and sounds like the other person is gasping for breathe and are being strangled.

Not so cool.

Of course when this happens, the persons sleep cycle is broken so deep restorative sleep is never obtained.

When a person loses weight, very often sleep apnea disappears, T levels rise, sex drive goes up, body fat reduces and the person is then in a positive cycle as opposed to being stuck in that vicious cycle I mentioned before.

Once again, we see evidence of working on the basics that produce results.

If you are looking to get results from your gym efforts and you don’t sleep well then forget it.

I’m serious.

Work on achieving the best sleep you can and everything else will improve.

Performance in the gym, work and the bedroom.

That’s all for today guys.

Have a great Monday and I will be back here on Wednesday as per.

Gav 🙂

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