Letter to My Unborn Son

1. Always eat your greens, son.

2. Save 10% or more of your salary every month.

3. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

4. Try everything in life at least once.

5. If a woman asks you “does my bum look big in this”, use the universal default answer every smart man knows: “Of course not”

6. Respect your mother, above everyone else

7. At age 15, you will think you know it all – you don’t 🙂

8. Real life starts the moment you leave school.

9. Learn to appreciate fine wine, great coffee and a good book and you wont go far wrong.

10. At 21 years old, get a “made to measure” suit fitted from a tailor.

11. Go for a cut throat razor shave as often as your budget allows.

12. Travel as often as possible. See as many countries, cultures and people as you can.

13. Look after your health. It’s EVERYTHING.

14. Money truly doesn’t make you happy. That said, it’s kinda important.

15. Be YOU. There is no time to be anyone else.

16. Look after your old man when he’s an old man.

17. Never stop learning. Be a student for life.

18. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else.

19. Remember this: You can be anyone or anything you put your mind to.

20. Youth is wasted on the young

21. There will be ups and there will be downs but the key to life is to enjoy the journey.


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