Madonna, Gwyneth, Jessica Alba and Me

Now although one of my fantasies MAY have involved being sandwiched between Madonna, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow…

…I was disappointed when it actually came true and gutted with the realisation that the closest I will get to these three celebrities will be in the footnotes of a magazine 🙂

See my mugshot above on the left…

Last Tuesday, OK! magazine featured me talking about the benefits of hot yoga which has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

Apparently it’s all the rage at the moment and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson ensures that Gwyneth works out in a room set to 30 degrees.

Anyway, the article was based around the pro’s and the cons of hot yoga and Bikram…

…but also whether there is any benefit to exercising in the heat as it seems that other classes are popping up like “hot spin”

The purported benefits from all these “hot” classes is that you burn more calories, so burning more fat and that you also flush out any toxins in your body due to excessive sweating.

Let me tell you one thing.

It’s all rubbish.

Exercising in the heat does nothing apart from allowing you to lose a stupid amount of fluid, making you dehydrated.

Subsequently, you will just drink this fluid back into your system after the class.

If exercising in the heat helped the body burn more calories do you think I would be living in London? 🙂

The flushing out of toxins is just nonsense.

The kidneys and the liver are responsible for any type of detox that may take place and heating the body up to an unnatural level will not support that.

Purported weigh loss is only temporary due to fluid loss which as mentioned before will be quickly regained once drinking.

A hot yoga class can allow the individual to become slightly more pliable in terms of the movements and positioning but the downside can be that the muscles may overstretch whereas the ligaments and joints will not.

You can see the potential for injury there I’m sure.

My advice, as stated in the magazine would to be prudent when doing a hot yoga class and be aware of how you feel at all times in the class.  If you feel light headed and faint then take a break or even end the class and always arrive fully hydrated.

My advice for anyone looking at a heated “whatever” class would be to forget it because it can only cause problems with literally ZERO benefits.

A spin class has it’s downfalls already.

Adding heat to the matter is sheer lunacy.

That’s all from me today.


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