Who Wants To Get High?

Afternoon guys,

I hope you are having a good day so far?

As promised, here are today’s tips, the first for quite a few of you. I hope you enjoy.

Today I’m going to look at ways of increasing energy, sharpening your mind, Improving your mood and ways to relax and beat stress.

We have established that through diet and exercise we can do all of these things but I want to introduce you to a few supplements that will give you a natural high, all perfectly legal of course and actually very beneficial for your health.

Many of you may have heard of St John’s wort so it’s here I want to start. It’s an antidepressant that’s as effective as drugs, has very mild side-effects if any, and even boosts libido in certain individuals This herb is prescribed by European doctors five times more than prozac. Initially marketed to those with mild to moderate depression, it can be used by ANYONE needing a little boost. I personally have used it several times in my life and it makes you feel great.

Here is a list of things it can help with-

Enhances mood, calming nerves, enhances sleep quality and dreaming and enhances libido. It’s non addictive and there are no withdrawal symptoms when stopped. It wont make you sleepy and interfere with your sex drive. Typically, prescribed antidepressants will do this to most people and are highly addictive. Sounds like a pretty cool herb to me and it’s available in most good health stores.

Recently, there has been a great deal of media attention about the natural compound SAMe ( s-adenosyl-methionine) pronounced “Sammy”

This nutrient when supplemented at the correct dose can really put a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye and a grin on your face. Well, that’s what it did for me anyway

Studies show that SAMe is superior to antidepressants and work faster, usually within 3 days. I personally felt a difference on the first day. It works be enhancing neurotransmitter activity in the brain and acts as a natural mood enhancer and stimulant.

It has a few side benefits too, including being an effective treatment for degenerative joint disease and fibromyalgia and liver problems. Once again, there are no withdrawal symptoms and it will actually protect your liver, in contrast to the potential liver damage triggered by typical antidepressants.

Now I bet a few of you are saying to yourselves “I’m not depressed, why do I need this” Well I’m not depressed, I have never been depressed and I don’t intend on being depressed.

Anyone that knows me will tell you I have a very optimistic outlook on life in general. I certainly don’t need any of these nutrients but I use them wisely to enhance my life and create even more positivity for myself and people around me.

The same stuff in life happens to us all right? Its how you deal with those situations that create the outcome. I say let’s get up in the morning, having slept well, full of energy, ready to tackle whatever you gotta do that day with a big smile on your face.

Can only be a good thing.

Give these two compounds a try, see what you think. Add them to the mix of a good clean diet, a quality fish oil supplement, lots of exercise in the gym or elsewhere and let me know how you get on.

Thats all for now folks, I look forward to your questions

Enjoy the rest of the day.


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