21 “Things” That Might Change Your Life

We are back from the USA now…

We had an amazing time and I learnt loads of great stuff, too much to go into detail so I thought I would summarise in brief.

Here are 21 ideas, suggestions and invaluable snippets of information that may or may not enhance your life going forward.

Feel free to use the bits that make sense and discard the rest. If you want to know more about any individual point then please drop me an email, I’m always happy to help.

  • The American’s love their food and the portions are just ridiculous in size (I’m not complaining)
  • Fasting on the plane really does reduce Jet lag
  • Alarmingly, recent studies have tested the umbilical cord of unborn babies for toxins and discovered over 250 chemicals present, many of which are now banned. This means the mothers are passing down these chemicals from pollution, the environment and from our food and water supply.
  • I love climbing mountains
  • Only 1% of our children meet the RDA levels of nutrients in their diet. RDA means recommended daily allowance. Optimal levels are MUCH
  • 1 glass of red wine per day can really benefit your health. Fish oil is even better for your health.
  • Feed your mind as well as your body. Personal development/reading is absolutely key here. 15-30min every day or more to really get ahead in life. Personal development will pay you back 30 x your investment over your lifetime.
  • People tend to think more about weight loss than disease prevention. FACT.
  • There is greatness inside EVERY ONE of you reading this newsletter. Don’t forget that.
  • Dream big. Then dream BIGGER. If people don’t laugh at your goal then it’s not big enough!
  • If you haven’t seen a Tony Robbins seminar before then I recommend him 100%.
  • Gut health/digestion is more important that you realise. 100’s of ailments like tiredness, bloating, lack of energy, restless sleep, poor motivation, crappy moods and much more are all linked with gut health and digestion. You need digestive enzymes, probiotics and to masticate as much as possible
  • 10min of meditation per day can do wonders for your health, stress levels and mental well-being.Check out the “headspace” app on iTunes
  • Be very grateful for what you have. Many of us work hard to achieve more and that is fine but don’t forget what you have currently and be happy with that. Many will never have a fraction of what we have and millions all over the world don’t even have clean water, food and shoes to wear on their feet.
  • Call your Mum and Dad more often (calling mine today)
  • Try not to criticise anyone or talk behind anyone’s back.
  • Your health really is your greatest wealth. Clichéd but true.
  • I ate a cheesecake two nights ago in the “Cheesecake factory” that contained 1330 calories per slice.
  • Proximity is POWER. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting like-minded people and achieve even more in your life. You are the sum of the five people you hang around the most.
  • Write your goals out today. Set weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and yearly goals. You also need your 5 and 10 year goals. If you don’t, you will end up working for someone who has.
  • Try to do 30 mins of some form of exercise every day of you life. This will keep you young, fit, healthy and prevent many man made degenerative diseases that so many of us are dying from today.

Here is a bonus point, as I want to finish on a positive…

  • Be the happiest person you know. You have a choice every day to be happy or sad. YOU decide!

Have a great Wednesday and an amazing rest of the week.


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