37 Lessons From 2017

1. Life really can be too short

2. Do what makes you happy – you don’t have time to waste

3. If men had to give birth, the world’s population would come to a grinding halt.

4. Calories count for everything. It’s not stress, lack of sleep and a poor metabolism making you fat. They don’t help but ultimately you are eating too much – simple.

5. Protein is WAY more important than you think.

6. Carbs DO NOT make you fat – too many calories make you fat.

7. You can eat crap food every now and then and still lose weight.

8. Beware of people that don’t clap or cheer when you achieve something great.

9. Be the best version of YOU.

10. Don’t compare yourself to others. You have no idea where they are on their journey in life.

11. Remember, you are no more important than the next person. You might think you are but you ain’t.

12. Be cool to everyone you meet. Superstar or bin man

13. Be yourself – always.

14. You get what you expect in this world. Smile and people smile. Moan and the moaners will join you.

15. You can’t get TOO BIG from weight training. The end.

16. A high protein diet will not give you Cancer – stop reading the papers for nutrition/diet advice

17. You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole

18. Accept that you will never know everything even if you are an “expert” in your field. On that note, every day is a school day

19. Face your fears on a daily basis. Something scares you? Then tackle it head on. F.E.A.R – False evidence appearing real or F**K everything and run. You decide.

20. Stop working on your weaknesses and make your strengths stronger. Outsource the crap you hate.

21. Be grateful for what you have whilst working hard for what you want.

22. Stop blaming other people, circumstances or your parents for who you are and what you have.

23. Stop living in the past and worrying about the future. Appreciate where you are right now.

24. Read more books. You can never read too many books

25. Take action on the things you learn in said books.

26. Reduce the amount of T.V you watch – it’s making you stupid and unproductive.

27. Sleep is the most important thing you can do to promote good health – it’s not sexy but it’s vital.

28. Eliminate the crabs in your life. People that put you down and tell you “you can’t do that”

29. Set BIG GOALS for 2018 and write them down. Put pen to paper and your chances of achieving that goal increase dramatically. A goal in your head is just a dream.

30. We can all benefit from a good quality multivitamin and fish oil supplementation

31. If someone tells you to cut out coffee to improve health, please ignore them.

32. The best detox? Stop eating so much crap and drinking a sh*t-tonne of calories.

33. Don’t try to make everyone happy. It’s not possible and you will be unhappy in the process.

34. Money doesn’t make you happy. But it sure as hell gives you options.

35. It’s a cliche, but our health really is our greatest wealth.

36. Weight training is the no 1 activity by far for burning body fat

37. Progress is the key to happiness. However small, if you are improving week by week, you will be happy.


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