5 Steps To A radical Transformation

As you can imagine, Tom and I often get clients that come to us with various health & fitness goals. Goals such as fat/weight loss or various health challenges and aims to improve performance for a particular sport.

Some clients achieve amazing results and transform their health and their life.

Others just don’t do much at all really and over the last 20 years I’ve come to realise that there are several “things” that must take place for a radical transformation to take place.


For someone to start their fitness journey with conviction there has to be a trigger, a serious reason WHY and/or some type of pain that makes someone want to change. The pain has to be bad enough or nothing takes place. Many people are in pain but are fairly comfortable with that pain.

All the clients that have made some serious changes and have sometimes just woken up and said, “that’s it” or “I’ve had enough”, sometimes literally overnight and are ready to get to work.


A role model is really a map or guide to success. This can be someone or something that inspires them to be like and be a better version of themselves every day.

We all need role models, someone who we aspire to be like. I’ve mentioned it many times before but success really does leave clues. If someone you admire in your life is getting superb results from a diet or training plan then find out what they are doing and copy it, IF it resonates with you of course.


Most people are afraid to get out their comfort zone. You’ve never been so there so of course it’s uncomfortable.

It’s hard work making radical changes in your health & fitness there is no denying that but I can tell you 100%, that being fit, healthy and having amazing energy in your life is something you should try if you’ve never had it before.

To achieve that it’s going to take some grit. It’s going to need you taking yourself to a place you’ve never been before.

It’s tough.

You will hate it at times but you need level up your environment. When that wave comes you have to get on it and ride it on in to the beach however scary it feels.

All those times in your life when you say, ” I should do that” are the times when you “must”

Turn your “should’s into must’s”

You say enough is enough. I’m not going to tolerate that anymore.


You will feel like quitting.


Stay the course. When you fall of the wagon get right back on it and remember, there is no damn wagon anyway.

Everyone falls off at some point. EVERY single Olympic athlete on the planet has messed up their diet and skipped their training at some point. The difference is that they got straight back on it the very next day and didn’t give up.

They didn’t quit.

They stayed the course.

You never fail.

You only fail when you give up. Get up and move forward.

“The obstacle is the way” as Ryan Holiday says in his book with the same name.

Tough times in life are inevitable but every day above the ground is a good day.


This is sometimes the toughest step of them all.

You need to know that you deserve to become the greatest version of you.

Many people feel that they don’t deserve to lose weight and that they are not worthy of their success.

This has been instilled in them over years from their environment in on way or another.

Deal with it.

Don’t be embarrassed to become better in your life. No one is YOU. You are unique. What you must realise is that when you succeed you are lifting everyone around you whether you or they know it.

Nobody will believe you until YOU believe you though. Once you believe in yourself, then you can really start to make changes and become the person you are meant to be.

The best version of you.

Once you trust yourself, others around will start to feel what you feel.

Every single person that I have ever trained and has achieved life changing results has used these steps in one way or another. Do 2 or 3 of them and a few changes occur but then the default setting kicks in and you revert back to where you were.

The 5 steps to a radical transformation. Want to make some big changes in your health, fitness and life?You are going to need these 5 thingsShare the video if you like it :-)www.eighty20lifestyle.com#eighty20lifestyle

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