Don’t Be Like Jayne…

“Shit, I’m late again. Damn trains, why are they always late when I’m in a hurry?” she says to herself…

Jayne takes a quick glance at her watch. It’s 8.45 now and she was meant to be in work at 8.30 but it will be 9am at least before she gets there. She has a new boss, Emily, a real ball breaker that’s just joined the company from some place abroad. Emily is a stickler for people arriving on time and she’s been warned a few times now. She realises that on top of that she’s forgotten her lunch box, left it in the fridge next to the protein smoothie she prepared. A nice mixed salad with olive oil, apple cider vinegar with a grilled chicken breast.

Just like her PT told her to have. Great. A lunch that I don’t want from a place I don’t like. Again. Oh well, at least she made her lunch this time, which was much better than last week where she bought her lunch out every day and had no idea of the calories or the protein (if any) she was eating. Jayne wants to lose about 12-15 lbs. before her holiday with the girls in “14 weeks and 3 days”, not that I’m counting” she mutters to herself.

“If I can just lose that stone, I can get back into all my dresses and then I will be happy. I’m not asking for too much am I?”

Jayne has been slowly creeping up to a size 14 but feels she looks best at a 12. Well, that’s the official answer. She is desperate to be a 10, just once in her life.

“Anyway, size 8 is too small and skinny and I’m not built to be that small, I’ve got large bones, from my mum’s side you see…”

“You’re late again”, Emily said as Jayne flew in as fast as possible, spilling her black Americano all over the office floor. She’s cut out all dairy in her diet as of last week as her trainer told her it would help with her weight loss efforts. She lost 2lbs last week despite only using the cross-trainer, “so up yours Mr PT”. In her defence, the 8kg weights that she needed for her walking lunges were being used by a particularly moody and very skinny looking guy and she was scared to say she’d like to use them when he was finished. Anyway, the cross-trainer can’t be that bad can it? Everyone in the gym uses it and there are five in every gym I’ve ever been in so…

“We’ve got those clients in 15min Jayne so you had better be prepared. Have you got that report I wanted yesterday and have you booked the restaurant for tonight?”

“I’m going to need you to stay in over lunch and work on that account I mentioned to you before too”

“Bang goes my PT session then. I’m going to have to cancel again; I did it twice last month too. I’m never going to shift this weight before holiday. And what a waste of money. These PT’s in the city aren’t cheap. And I’ve got this dinner tonight where I just need to drink, well I don’t need to really but I feel like I should as everyone else does and Emily the boss frowns at me when I say I’m on a diet”.


…stress, overwhelm, panic, frustration, anger, demotivated, tired, depressed, bloated and not happy with how she looks, feels or performs, at work, home, in the gym and in general life. Any ladies reading this resonate with the scenario above? Let’s face it; it’s pretty standard fare in the city isn’t it? A stressful environment, working for a boss you don’t like and trying to lose a little weight before holiday. Sounds like a lot of people really. Now Jayne can keep plodding on, dipping her toes in every now and then and not really achieve much. She can carry on like this and get to her holiday where she really wants to look great in her bikini and with some luck and a last minute calorie crash diet, 7 days out, arrive in Marrakech about 5 or 6 lbs down and feel half pleased with herself…

…but secretly she’s screaming inside “Christ sake, I’m the dumpy one again on the beach, I wish I had listened to my PT and got serious”

Don’t be like Jayne.

Don’t be a ball breaker like Emily either but let’s focus on Jayne for now 🙂

14 weeks out from a holiday gives you plenty of time. 8 weeks, although not ideal can still work if you do what you are asked and actually want results. In fact, unless you holiday is tomorrow we can still help. We’ve got clients achieving great things and the funny thing is, it’s the ones that actually get serious and listen to what we say that reap the rewards.

===>> http://www.eighty20lifestyle.com/get-in-touch/ would be a great start.

Catch you on Monday as per.

Gav 🙂

PS. ===> These guys were not like Jayne

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