“Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Dyin”

I just don’t have the time

I’m busy at work

I get home really late

I need more sleep

It’s not my fault…

…and so on and so on are the excuses I hear all the time from people that want results.

Yet how come some people with the same 24hrs manage to balance their work, family and the rest of their life with managing to look after their health?

The answer is priorities and whether something is important enough to us.

We all know this but often refuse to accept it.

If something is really important to you, you will get it done.

Think about it. You know it’s true.

We all want to sleep more, have more fun, work less and have less stress and the very excuse you may be using to stop you going to the gym and working on your health can be improved by MAKING time in your schedule to exercise.

But, you must do something you enjoy and you must be consistent.

I understand that some of you just don’t like the gym.


So find something you do like and make it a habit and perform it consistently. It doesn’t have to be every day.

Three to four times per week is enough.

“But I just don’t have time to do that with my schedule” I hear a few of you saying.

Well then my friends, you had better make time to be sick in the near future.

With over 25 years experience in the health & fitness industry, the one thing that I’m certain about is the fact that we die early and the quality of those last years are extremely poor if we stop moving.

My friend and PT, Andy Burns (Andy has the strongest Northern Irish accent imaginable) has a saying that sums it up perfectly.

“When we rest, we rust”

Yea I know you just said it in your best Irish accent didn’t you?

Irish accent aside, he is 100% right.

Look I know you’ve heard what I’ve just said loads of times before and if you are making a commitment to your health already then great, apologies for the message.

But for those that are not, I’m hoping that this might tip you over the edge so to speak and you decide to make a change starting today.

You know what is amazing?

When you do make time to exercise, all the other strains and stresses in life seem to be more manageable and you appear to have more time in your life.


Life is for living and I’m telling you that life is far better when we move our body everyday.

Have a great day everybody.

Gav 🙂

PS. “Get busy livin or get busy dyin”

^^^ Name that film?

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