Happy Wednesday!

Do you know that a child has the capacity to learn up to seven languages fluently between the ages of 0 – 7 years old?

There are many people all over the world that can speak three or four languages and many more than that that are bilingual.

But seven?

That’s amazing isn’t it?

The brain has pretty much an unlimited capacity when it comes to learning and this goes for many things other than languages.

So with a virtually unlimited learning capacity…

…why do so many people stop learning and developing as they get older?

Why do so many people give up on their dreams?

and why do so many people struggle with many aspects of their life?

> Health

> finances

> Relationships

> Business

I think as we get older, this life we live and the planet we live on teaches us that we can’t have it all.

I think it teaches us to settle for average.

I think we are bought up to accept mediocrity.

To follow the crowd

To follow the herd.

But I don’t believe it has to be that way. I don’t believe we should accept “average”.

I don’t believe that mediocrity is something to be proud of.

I believe that we ALL have something very special inside us and we all have THAT unlimited capacity to learn, grow and achieve anything we want to…

…if we believe it’s possible.

Most people say to themselves “it’s not possible”

Most people say to themselves “I can’t do that”

Most people talk themselves out of something before they even try.

Everything we see on this amazing planet, apart from the natural world was once a thought in sometimes mind.

That thought began with the realisation that something is possible.

If you told the Wright brothers in 1903 that in 2016 someone else will be flying commercial rockets into space in the search of multi-planetary life they would have laughed at you.

If you told Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 when he invented the telephone that in 2016 virtually every 11 year old child in the western world can push a few buttons and send an instant message to someone on the other side of the world in 2 secs, he would have thought you were crazy.

But someone thought all of this was possible.

They made it happen.

They didn’t buy into the “I can’t do that” bullshit story

They didn’t buy the “I don’t have the skills” scenario.

They didn’t buy the “It’s impossible” tale…

Now I’m not suggesting you have to be the next genius to invent advanced communications or build a rocket that can travel at light speed…

…but what I am suggesting is that you can improve any area of your life on some level IF YOU WANT TO!

You CAN learn the skills needed to do this, if you want to.

You CAN grow in any single area of your life that you want to.

It’s possible.

Have a great day and keep your head up.

Gav 🙂

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