A Lawyer, His Ferrari and a Himalayan Monk

How was your weekend?

I was in Paris Friday night to speak at an event on the Champs-Élysées, which was great fun and came back late on Saturday and was up early to drive to King’s Lynn to pick up Mia for the day.

We went over to Peterborough to see my Mum, Dad and Sister and her family, which was really nice.

On the way home I was listening to the book ” The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

I first read this book back in 1997 – it meant nothing to me back then to be honest 🙂

Some of you may have read/listened to this before but for those that haven’t, allow me to give a brief synopsis.

“Highly successful, well paid lawyer in the City, stressed to the max, overeating, over drinking suddenly collapses on the court room floor from a massive heart attack and nearly dies.

He wakes up and realises he needs a massive shift in his thinking and lifestyle.

He sells all his possessions, including his prized red Ferrari and travels to India and Nepal to find himself. He returns a changed man having lost weight and is now a vibrant picture of health and vitality having stumbled across a secret civilisation of monks living in the foothills of the Himalayas that live by a set of ancient principles and timeless techniques that improve your mind, body and soul.

There he was taught 7 steps to living an enlightened life and made a promise to teach the steps to as many people as possible”

The story is semi-biographical as Robin walked away from his career as a litigation lawyer at age 25.

It’s a great book and I recommend it but for those that want the 7 steps and how they can help you right now, here there are:

Look After Your Mind

Guard your mind carefully. Be careful of the information that goes into it from the T.V, newspapers and the people around you.

Look after your mind,  work on it and adopt a PMA – positive mental attitude.
Our inner world creates our outer world. If you are not experiencing the results you want in a certain area of your life then look to improve the conversations in your own head.

This is done by personal development; reading and listening to motivational and empowering words, not negative news 24/7

Pursue your passion.

Are you pursuing your passion?

Do you get out of bed most days ready to tackle the day with passion and enthusiasm?

What makes you happy and helps others in the process?

I know many people are not so maybe it’s time to have a rethink.

Life is too short to be working a job that you hate with people that you don’t care for much – something to think about right?


For many people, this will sound very out there but I know a lot of you will be doing it. I’ve tried several times and just fell asleep but I am going to give it another go starting today.

Tom has been doing it for 2 or 3 weeks now, just 5-10min per day and he says it’s really working well

Below are just a few benefits and if they are true, then surely everyone should be doing this for 10 minutes a day?

  1. Decreased stress
  2. Boosts immune system and reduces illness
  3. Improved concentration
  4. Improves metabolism and weight loss
  5. Helps you sleep better

Set goals for the future but live in the present

Have you set any goals for 2017?

Have you put pen to paper and actually written them down?

By writing them down your chances of achieving them are ten times higher than when you don’t.

A goal in your head is just a dream.

You must know what you want and why you want it.

Life is funny in the fact that it will give you what you ask of it.

If you don’t ask for much, you won’t get much.


The old Japanese philosophy that focuses on constant improvement in every aspect of your life.

Are you working on your skills at work and at home?

Are you producing more and becoming more efficient?

Don’t focus on becoming world class over night – simply work on improving a tiny bit every day and every week.

Over years this will add up and you can transform anything you want in your life

Eat a diet full of fruit and vegetables

Nothing more to add here except I would add some quality protein and good fats to the mix 🙂


The bottom line is that if we don’t exercise on a  regular basis every week, we will die early and before that, be open to a whole host of health problems and challenges.

No one wants that do they?

On top of that, it makes you feel good with lots of energy and makes every other aspect of your life much better.

Why wouldn’t you do it? Even if you are so pushed for time that you can’t exercise 3 x 30min per week you can still do some push ups and body weight squats before you leave the house for work every day.

If you don’t have time for that, you had better make time for being sick in the future 🙂

So there we have the 7 steps to living an enlightened life.

Very simple and basic really but all the great advice is when you think about it.

As always, if you need help on any aspect of the above or anything else related to health, fitness and nutrition, then fire away. I will get back to you I promise.

Have a great week and speak to you soon

Gav 🙂


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