Pulling The Trigger

As I imagined, a lot of you reading this newsletter are still looking to shift a few pounds in 2017.

In fact, if we did a survey and people were 100% honest, I think that most people would say that they had some weight to lose or that they would want to be smaller, leaner, tighter and just look and feel better in their clothes.

Or without clothes, if the truth be know.

Not everyone but most.

So we know what most people want and we know what you need to do to change this…

….so why is it that most people are still doing the wrong things in the gym?

Why is it that so many people are not getting the results they want or deserve?

Well the media doesn’t help.

Celebrities preened to within an inch of their life, tottering along the red carpet in their Hermes and Jimmy Choo’s looking like a million dollars and endorsing some crappy juice diet and a high-rep training plan does nothing for the average woman.

The crazy world of Instagram sees bikini clad women with fake hair, tits and smiles that “just woke up like this”, posing in exotic locations all over the world promising results like them if you just buy a certain tub of pills that burn fat quicker than you can say cross trainer.

For men, it can be just as bad.

Adonis like, muscle bound gods…

…oiled, ripped, and shredded and with more cuts than Toni & Guy adorn the cover of so many health & fitness magazines these days with routines to “grow your guns in 4 weeks” and “shredded abs in 10 days”

However, if you look past this, a lot of what is printed in the men’s magazines is quite good with research and science behind it.

With so many mixed messages on what we should be doing in the gym, the food we should be eating and the results we should be achieving, it can be confusing with who we should listen to when it comes to the truth.

Tom and I won’t sugar coat it for you.

We will tell it to you straight.

No fancy promises, just plain good ol’ fashioned facts with science behind them and results to back it up.


If it seems too good to be true, it usually is when it comes to achieving results in the gym.

There is more than one way to skin a cat of course, just like there are many ways to burn body fat…

…BUT, there a few hard and fast universal laws that need to be adhered to or you are just wasting your time.

If you ARE looking to lose weight or make ANY changes to your health & lifestyle this year and you just don’t know who to trust, then email me now.

Or you can keep on reading this newsletter as you have done for however long you’ve been reading it for, collecting bits of information but not pulling the trigger.

If you are ready to pull that trigger, email me today.

Gav 🙂

PS. these guys pulled the trigger <===

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