Super SKINNY Doesn’t Always Mean Success

This post came about after a new client of mine in the gym said she was “desperate” to get back into her skinny jeans.

My client told me that she had previously achieved great results from running and restricting her calories and was concerned that resistance training would make her bulky.

It’s always fascinating to me to get this type of objection. I explained that “bulking up ”wouldn’t be an issue and sent her this post here

Problem solved.

Another happy client, converted to the joys of resistance training and fantastic results.

Or so I thought.

She arrived at the next session with her skinny jeans and said she “needed to get back into these jeans and will weight training help her do that?”

“I want to look like Jennifer Aniston” she said…

Personally, I’m a fan of Jennifer and her physical attributes but the only person that can look like her and have a body shaped like her is her.

No one else.

I looked at the jeans. They were skinny for sure, but what was even more alarming was the fact that the phrase “super skinny” was printed on the inside of the jeans around the waist.

Here is my problem with that.


Many women (my client included) will set a goal to be the weight, size or shape of someone in the media.

That itself isn’t the problem.

We all need someone or something to aspire too and setting lofty goals is one of the best things to do in life.

However, you must be realistic and learn to work with what you have.

Everyone has a different set of genetics.

Jennifer Anniston is 5.4″ tall, weighs about 53kg and wears a size 8 dress. She is also very lean and conditioned.

My client is by no means overweight or carrying too much fat. But she is 5.6″, maybe 5.7″ and weighs 58kg.

She has a totally different structure to Jennifer. Her shape, curves and potential for fat loss are totally different.

Her genes are unique to her and her alone.

My client believes that SUCCESS lies in her wearing those “super skinny” jeans again.

I told her the quickest way to be back in those jeans would be to not eat a thing for two weeks.

If we are talking means to an end, that would the easiest and hassle free way to get in those jeans. The downside of this approach is obvious to us all.

I said “for accelerated results, don’t eat for a whole month and let’s get you in the SUPER SUPER skinny jeans…

Just to make to it clear to everyone, I was of course joking when I said to my client to starve herself.

The subject however, is not a laughing matter which is why I am writing this post.

You can’t look at the size of the jeans you wear as an indication of success.

I’ve seen women of all shapes and sizes look fit, healthy and sexy. It doesn’t matter what size you are but if you look at success being a smaller jean size number then you are going to have problems.

If 8 is good then does that make size 6 even better?

Maybe size 4 is what we should all be aiming for.

I think it’s irresponsible behaviour by that particular jean manufacturer to print “super skinny”.

Focus on healthy ways to lose body fat if that is your goal. Don’t restrict calories to achieve a certain jean size.

You will certainly lose weight but the majority of this weight will be muscle. You will become whats known in the industry as “skinny fat” and metabolically you will be in a worse place than when you started.

You will be primed to store even more fat when you start to eat normally again as restriction just isn’t sustainable or enjoyable.

We all want to eat foods we enjoy, without calorie restriction and still get results don’t we?

Focus on FAT LOSS through sound nutrition and your choice of resistance training or sports. Wear the jean size that you fit in. If it’s a 12 and you are lean then who cares?

You certainly shouldn’t, that’s for sure.

But so many of you do…

It’s not your jean size that is important. Your health is important. That’s the key here.

Work with what you have been given. Work towards being the best version of you and don’t compare yourself to someone else, especially someone that has a totally different body to you.


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