The “Secret” To Eternal Life

How’s your week so far?

Making it count?

A load of you clicked on the link for the journal on Monday, which actually surprised me but in a good way…

I wonder how many of you bought it or will buy it?

Taking action is the key right?

At the weekend, apart from a going for a wicked Chinese meal on Saturday night, I managed to get a sprint session in the park.

Many of you will know that I am a big fan of sprinting for so many reasons.

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But this bout of sprinting reminded me of a sprint session that took place last summer…

Check it out.

I got to the park at about 7.15am.

The sun was up and the grass was wet with dew. It was a lovely morning. There was no one to be seen apart from a lone jogger with a small dog trotting behind.

I think it was a Yorkshire terrier but I couldn’t be sure.

That is largely irrelevant to what I want to tell you…

Out the corner of my eye, an old lady approached me.

She must have been in her 80’s.

She had a white velour-jogging suit on which made me smile, I have to be honest but it’s what she did next that prompted this newsletter.

She started doing step-ups on the curb, side bends and various other stretches.

I moved a little close to her, as I was fascinated.

It was just after 7am in the morning and here was the old lady out in the park getting it done.

As I moved closer I could see she was Chinese or Japanese possibly, and it was then she moved from the step ups into a series of arm and leg movements which I can only assume was “Tai Chi”

Please note that this is not Shoreditch park and this is not the oriental lady that I saw in a white velour jogging suit.

I carried on with my sprints for another 20 mins and she was still there practicing this discipline.

A lot can be learnt from this woman.

She was mid 80’s at least yet had the energy and youthful vigor of many 60 year olds.

The old adage ” use it or you lose it” sprang to mind.

Many people when they reach a certain age stop exercising and stop moving around and this is a BIG mistake.

Our bodies were designed to move.

We function best when we move.

The less we move, the faster we age and decay.

Our muscles atrophy, our joints seize up and our brainpower deteriorates.

We get old VERY quickly.

The point I am making is very simple.

You have to keep exercising and eating well if you want to live as long as possible.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that old people just naturally get old.

What I mean by this is that many of the conditions we see in the elderly are from poor lifestyle choices, not just because they have aged.

I see many people in their 60’s hunched over, hobbling with a crutch just waiting to expire.

If you believe current research, experts suggest that the human body can last as long as 100-120yrs.

This of course, depends on many things.

Exercise, nutrition, supplementation and genetics to a certain extent.

We hear about the odd person living until 120 years old and when you look at their life the same things ring true.

Lots of exercise, going to bed early and rising early, lots fresh air and clean, natural food.

I personally want to live forever but I’m quite sure that won’t happen

I am determined to stretch out my years by the study of good nutrition and exercise.

I want to live for as long as my genetics allow and I invite you to do the same.

Think about what you are doing to your body.

In the words of Nutritionist and anti-ageing specialist Dr Michael Colgan PhD…

“If you don’t look after your body, where you gonna live”

Until next time…


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