The Slight Edge

Just re-read a brilliant book called “The Slight Edge”.

To sum it up very quickly, the slight edge is all that’s needed for ANYTHING to be a success or indeed a failure.



Many people expect a magical silver bullet or a quantum leap to propel them to millions in the bank, an awesome life and the elusive six pack. The truth is, it’s boring doing all the small things, consistently, every day because it looks like they don’t matter.


It’s like compounding interest and you guys in the City know a lot more about that than me I’m sure. Save a bit every single month and you can be financially free in 30 years.

Easy to do. Easy not to do.

It’s the same with your health.

Ian and Chris are good mates.

They met about 4 years in the City at “HedgeFundsAreUS” near the Gherkin.

Ian loves a drink and is quite partial to the odd cigarette and if the timing’s right and his wallet allows, he likes a bit of the old Colombian marching powder too every now and then.

He also likes to get to the gym about 3 times per week.

Chris on the other hand has reduced his drink to social occasions and only on the weekend. A few gin and tonics and a couple of glasses of red wine is a normal amount for him. He quit smoking 1 year ago now and the white stuff is a thing of the past but that’s not to say he isn’t tempted.

“It’s John’s birthday on Thursday night mate, said Ian. You coming?

I can come for one but I don’t drink in the week, plus I’ve got a training session at 7am on Friday morning, said Chris.

“Boring ba**ard, thought Ian. He isn’t much fun since he quit smoking and cut the gear out”

“I can go out and STILL get to the gym and to be fair, I’m in better shape than him. I’m not going to change my habits. I can have it all”, Ian says to himself

Now this scenario will play out for the next few months and nothing will change.

Chris will still manage to get to the gym and might even be in better shape than Ian. 3 months later, still no real difference but after 6 months?

Ian is starting to look pretty good now. More energy, abs are showing and his energy is through the roof. Chris is feeling it a little. Looks older in the face, always tired and his wallet has taken a battering as his “guy” was delivering more than bloody Dominos.

One year on – BIG changes. In all honestly, they are worlds apart.

Ian just got a new promotion and is getting married next year. His performance in the gym is better than ever, as is his performance at work.

Chris nearly got the sack last week for habitually turning up reeking of booze and basically shoddy behaviour.

Imagine where Chris and Ian will be in 10 years time if they carry on as they are?

Simple things, all add up and will either make you or break you.

In bed at 10pm.

2-3 litres of water per day.

High protein meals.

An eye on the carbs.

Resistance training.

Exercise 3-5 times per week.

Reading 10 pages of a good book per day.

Writing in a journal.

And the list goes on and on. Boring, mundane, simple things but compounded over time make a huge difference to everything in life.

Individually, VERY easy to do.

But also very easy not to do, which is why most people don’t have the success in the gym or their life as they’d like.

I’ve got no affiliation with this book but my recommendation to you is to check it out along with a few other books that I like and have learnt from.


That in itself is easy to…and very easy not to do.

I wonder how many of you will click the link?

Have a great day everybody.


PS. The “Slight Edge” in full effect

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