We Could All Have a Lot More…

We could all have much more in life…

…but we could all have a lot less couldn’t we?

I think sometimes we forget what we have and take if for granted.

We all do don’t we?

I walked past a beggar on the street yesterday on the way back to the tube sitting on the floor holding a cup out.

It was freezing cold and I thought to myself “at least I’ve got a house to go back to, hot food and a warm bed to sleep in”

I don’t know that guy’s story but a time ago he wasn’t living rough on the streets.

That’s just here in the UK.

Current stats on poverty are showing that nearly 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 per day and 1.25 billion are living in what’s called “extreme poverty” and live on less than $1.25.

Let’s just look at that for a second.

It wouldn’t even buy your morning coffee.

We are rushing to work, worrying about the meeting with the boss, grabbing a coffee on the way without a thought and half the world won’t eat today.

I’m not asking for anything, not asking you to give any money although we could all do a little more to help but what I am asking is for you to just have a little think.

Be grateful for where you are and what you have.

If you are reading this today on your smartphone you are in the top 1% income earners in the world.

You made it.

You won the lottery by the fact that you were not born into poverty.

So just be grateful today and at Christmas


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