When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started!

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have seen many clients that want to lose body fat or lose weight.

Weight loss can be easy if you have a plan and follow that plan.

It’s like any plan in life.

All you need to do is follow it to achieve great results.

This is true to a certain extent.

Everybody has access to the same information at the touch of a button, but I guess if it was just information then everybody in the world would be skinny, rich and happy

So what is it that makes some people achieve their weight loss goals and others achieve, well, quite frankly, nothing!

Is it desire?

Is it the ability to follow a plan?

Is it will power?

The rest of this newsletter is not for sensitive snowflakes.

If I offend you then sorry…but I’m going to say it anyway.

If the truth is something you don’t want to hear then press delete right now.

Just to let you know, this is about nobody in particular, it’s just a general scenario that could be many people.

A client comes into the gym with 3 stone to lose before her wedding and she has 9 months to go.

She wants to look and feel the best she has ever looked, fit back into a size 8 wedding dress and walk down that aisle with everyone’s jaw hitting the floor in disbelief.

The reality is that this will rarely happen unless the individual truly believes they can achieve jaw-dropping results.

Unless the person can see and virtually taste that weight loss, the self limiting beliefs that so many of us have from our childhood and early environment will stop us dead in our tracks.

Perhaps that person has tried to lose weight before and it didn’t work.

Perhaps she has “dieted” before to no avail and now thinks that “diets don’t work.”

“What is the point in trying again if I know I am going to fail?”

This is usually said internally where the subconscious strengthens the self-limiting beliefs even more.

I say to my client ” So how much weight do you think you want to lose?”

“Oh, I think about a stone and a half would be nice…”

I then always ask the client, how much would they like to lose, not how much they think they can.

The answer is very different. 

You have to peel away the onion layer and find out the real truth.

More often than not, people will give you the answer that they feel they can achieve, not what they actually want.

Sometimes a client will be frustrated with their results and blame their trainer for their lack of success.

When we dig deeper, we often find out that they haven’t been following the diet plan and have not been doing the training sessions outside their PT sessions.

In fact, on a scale of 1-10, their effort has been a 4-5 at most.

Don’t expect 9/10 results from a 4/10 effort.

I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated with the lack of desire I see in some people.

If you want or need to make a change for the better, in whatever area of life you choose, you need to commit and take the necessary steps required.

If you want to lose weight and make a positive life change you need to show up and commit.

If you are in the room, be in the room.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s not.

But you can’t expect results without effort.

Anything worthwhile will take a lot of determination, will power and ACTION and only then will the results follow.

Don’t be frustrated by your lack of results when you have done nothing to help yourself.

Until your goals become a priority you are just wasting your time.

How many of you reading this have written your goals down?  A goal is just a dream unless it’s written down on paper.

In January, the gyms and PT studios were packed with so many people with good intentions.

By mid March, most had given up.

Whatever your plan, stick to it and do whatever it takes to achieve the results you desire.

Yes, it will mean avoiding after work drinks sometimes.

Yes, it will mean denying the temptation of the the cakes and biscuits that appear on your desk at lunchtime because it’s a colleagues birthday and yes, it will mean changing your lifestyle and making losing weight and getting in shape a priority.

A priority means that you will focus on clean eating and exercise BEFORE you factor in eating crap and the fun in your life.

I’m not saying you have to do this…

…I’m saying do this if you want results.

Just don’t moan about not getting results and scratch your head in disbelief when the scales don’t budge when you put zero effort into moving forward.

It will need planning and preparation and it will take time.

 For many of you it will take six months to a year to get the results you want, maybe more.

Please remember, it took you years to get where you are now so don’t expect miracles over night.

Some if you might be thinking the tone of this newsletter is a bit harsh.

Yes it is and that is the intention.

I want you to have long hard look at what you are doing and where you want to go.

I want you to be a little riled with this and think enough is enough; it’s time to make a change.

My intention is to kick some of you up the backside and tell you that you can do this and the time is NOW!

Start planning this new you, now, not in the new year.

Stay the course until the job is done.

Decide that the rest of 2017 will be your best year yet in everything you do.

Commit, show up, take action and stay the course.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started…

All the best


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