YOU are not FAT!

You are not “FAT”

You’ve accumulated excess body fat over the last few months, years maybe.

You are not “it”.

I hear so many people calling themselves fat.

You are not fat.

You’ve gained it, you can lose it.

Change your language.
Change that internal dialogue.
Change your WHOLE LIFE.

What you must remember is that your sub-conscious is always eavesdropping on your thoughts.

Whatever you say to yourself, that internal dialogue, positive or negative is being picked up and stored for another time by your sub-conscious mind.

I’m always late
I’m not good enough
I never get things right
I’m fat and I’ve always been fat


Keep saying this “stuff” and your sub-conscious will go out of its way to prove you right.

I can never lose weight

Yep and you never will if you say that to yourself.

You’ve gained weight, which means you can lose it.

You were not born fat and you are not mean to be fat.

You are not FAT.


Just wanted to clear that up.

Short and sweet today.

Have an amazing Monday.

Gav 🙂

PS. If you do have a few lbs to lose, give me a shout. I can show how to lose it and never find it again.

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