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You Are The Star of Your Own Movie

Q1 is over.

And the scores on the door are?

The promises you made to yourself at the beginning of the year…

…how have they gone?

Did you quit smoking?
Join the gym?
Work on your diet and change your lifestyle?
Get out that crappy relationship?
Start saving money?
Leave your current job that bores you to tears?

Or, like a lot of people reading this, are you still thinking that you need to start?

Well let’s get it out the way now then.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now.

Forget what you didn’t do in the first quarter of the year and focus what you can do in the next 9 months.

You can change a few key habits and make radical changes in your health & fitness – IF YOU WANT TO.

And all it takes is a decision right now, this very second, in a heart beat.

A decision to just do it.

You are the star in your own movie.

You get to choose the cast, write the script and direct the whole show.

Don’t like any aspect of what you are creating?


You have the power to do just that

If you have messed up in any area of your life up until now it’s time to take ownership of that mess and realise that you have no one to blame but YOU.

Not your parents, your childhood and your upbringing. Not your environment, your friends or any other shi**y circumstance.

Sure, they contributed to who you are but ultimately the buck stops with you and the moment you realise that and take full responsibility for what you have and don’t have the better.

Tough pill to swallow?

Suck it up.

The truth hurts my friends.

So if you are sitting in your office now, drinking a full fat triple shot latte, extra foam, no cinnamon, eating a bagel reading this and this pi**es you off you have two choices.

1) Delete my email and unsubscribe from future emails and if that’s the case, we were never a good fit anyway…


2) Be pi**ed off but for Christ sake do something about it.

That means email me now.

Respond to this email with the word “CHANGE” in the email subject and let’s do something together.

You won’t regret it.

Gav 🙂

PS. The above still applies to you even if you are NOT sitting in your office as I realise it’s still Easter Monday and a bank holiday.

PPS. Did you eat any chocolate eggs? I did…

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