Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

Fish oil. You have all heard of it, many of you use it but do you realise how amazing this stuff is?

Probably not.

It is actually easier to say what fish oils don’t do, but that wouldn’t help you today so here is what they will do and how and where you can get them.

Some benefits of fish oils-

1. Faster metabolism so body fat/weight loss

2. Reduce inflammation so reduced soreness after a workout

3. Joint lubrication and can aid in the prevention of Arthritis and Osteoporosis

4. Brain food. Makes you smarter and slows brain ageing.

5. Can reduce symptoms of depression and act as a mood enhancer

6. Raises “good cholesterol” in the body and prevent heart attacks

7. The best skin moisturiser from the inside rather than using creams on the outside

8. Can aid in reducing the chance of Alzheimer’s

9. Great for the hair, nails and complexion

10. Studies show that kids with ADHD may benefit from a high dose of fish oil

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