Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Does it?

Let’s first define “diet soda” as any drink that is sweetened with low or no calorie sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose etc.

There are no studies to show that drinking these drinks causes weight gain or slows down your metabolism.

So where’s the confusion come from?

Well people drinking diet drinks tend to overeat in others areas and vastly underestimate their calorie intake throughout the day.

There is a correlation, as in they are related but there is no cause.

Drinking diet coke will not make you fat but obese people tend to drink diet coke 🙂

What about insulin?

It’s true, they may be a very small insulin spike when ingesting a diet drink but it’s unlikely to make a significant difference when it comes to your weight loss.

Just playing devils advocate here but artificial sweeteners have been known to suppress appetite…

…so could you use them to help you lose weight?

Just a thought.

(Opens a can of diet coke)

Have an awesome weekend.

Drink a diet coke if you want – it won’t make you fat and it won’t kill you, despite what the media tell you.

Gav 🙂

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