Fat in a Bottle

So I hope we are all in agreement that most smoothies aren’t that great for us right?

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at a situation that occurred just two days ago.

Allow me to explain myself;

Wednesday 730am. In walks Lucy, my 730am client.

“Gav, do you want this greens smoothie, they are giving them out at Liverpool St station?” (see pic above)

I then proceeded to explain to her the problem with a drink like this. In fact, it’s downright criminal that they can get away as touting this as a health drink.

I like to keep this newsletter very positive and today will be no different except I am seriously gonna lay into this product so please allow me to rant as I please

On analysis of the drink, cleverly called “The NAKED truth” I see the following written on the side.

“A pound of fruit in every bottle”

“Not from concentrate”

“No added sugar”

“Gently pasteurised”

“An arsenal of 10 supercool ingredients”

Let’s examine each point and discover what each point really means.

“A pound of fruit in every bottle”

The very notion of this suggests that the more fruit they can pack into one bottle, the healthier it is and that it’s something to be proud of.

The full fruit content is three and half apples, one small pineapple, one banana, a third of a kiwi and a third of a mango.

To start with, who on earth eats about 7 pieces of fruit in one sitting?

In fact, who eats that in one day?

One or two pieces of fruit per day can certainly be healthy but not 7 in one go. A piece of fruit eaten as a piece of fruit far outweighs any juice for a number of reasons.

The flesh of the fruit contains fibre, antioxidants and other important phytonutrients which are lost when fruits are juiced.

By losing the fibre content, the glycemic index of this product is sky high.

This will send your blood sugar through the roof with your body having to produce a lot of insulin to control this.

Major fat storage will soon commence.


“No added sugar”

Well that’s good because it already contains a whopping 52 grams of natural sugar already! Yep, 52 grams of sugar (over 10 teaspoons!).

I don’t give a monkeys if it’s natural, unnatural or found on Mars, it’s still sugar and the manufacturers of this drink know this.

There are 52 grams of sugar in half a litre of full fat Coca-Cola. Yes, this drink is not much better than a coke.

Hands up who drinks 500ml of coke on their way to work for their breakfast?


Here is a picture of 39g, 65g and 108g of sugar from Coco-Cola. Our smoothie is not far off the middle bottle of Coke.

In very small print it says “contains naturally occurring sugars from juices and purees”

I’m guessing by law they must state that fact but they also know that the majority of people buying this drink will be tricked into thinking this drink is good for them. This is due to the very clever marketing and “buzz” words on the bottle.

Words like antioxidants, green machine and NAKED.


“Gently pasteurised”

This is a complete joke. Pasteurising involves heating the liquid to kill off any pathogens that may cause disease. Certain foods, like dairy products are actually super heated which means they are boiled to ensure any microbes are killed.

This smoothie has been only gently pasteurised which means it has only been boiled gently. This process is very good at what it’s meant to do – kill pathogens. It’s also very good at killing any nutrients the product may have had in the first place.

“An arsenal of 10 super cool ingredients”

At first glance, the layman would think that this drink is bursting full of goodness but when you know what pasteurising means then you know better.

Nutrients like spirulina, wheatgerm etc. After this process, these 10 super cool nutrients are now useless. This is assuming that the nutrients where even there to start with but that is another argument for another time…

It gets worse….

Again in small print, its says 52g of sugar is 58% of an adults daily amount of this macro-nutrient. This suggests that the average adult should consume approx 100g of sugar PER DAY!

An adult who consumes 100g of sugar per day will achieve several things – extra adipose tissue (fat), poor energy, and a one-way ticket to some serious health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and/or a heart attack.

It’s now not clever marketing, its bloody irresponsible from this company and the Government for allowing this to happen.

The government guidelines and RDA’s are so out dated it’s just not funny. No wonder obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. A recent report stated that obesity and its related problems will cost the Government £6.4bn per year by 2015.

I could go on and on, ranting and raving, but I actually feel slightly wound up just by writing this newsletter. That is not good for my own cardiovascular health so on that note I will wrap up.

The point of today’s newsletter is to educate and inform you. Be aware of clever marketing and buzz words that get you hooked in. Educate yourself and read as much as you can on the subject of health & nutrition because no one else will help you, certainly not the media or the government.

I would really like your comments and feedback on this newsletter please guys. If you have experienced anything else like this or if you are aware of some blatant mass marketing spiel of a product on the market that is touted as being good for our health but is a load of rubbish.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great weekend.

Gav 🙂

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