The Best Way To Catch Your Dinner

Ever seen a pack of grizzly bears waist deep in a freezing cold river in Alaska, fishing for salmon?

It’s a crazy sight. Standing there, dominating the river, catching fish in their mouth as the salmon make the daring trip upstream.

They tear the heads clean off and then very strangely discard the rest.

The exact opposite to what humans do. We get rid of the head and eat the fleshy body.

Cold-water salmon are probably one of the best foods you can eat in terms of quality of protein, essentials nutrients and fats yet our grizzly gets rid of that and eats the fish head.

It seems like an awful waste.

He doesn’t know why he does this.

It certainly doesn’t taste better so what is he after? Fish brains. Evolution has taught him that the flesh is good but brains are better. The brain contains the best source of essentials fats and the grizzly know this 

Now I don’t expect you to start eating salmon brains, although I’m sure if we look closely enough into a few cultures, you’d be sure to find it on the menu.

However, eating salmon at least a few times per week, possibly more can have amazing health benefits.

There’s only one drawback.

Genuine cold water salmon from Alaska, like Sockeye or King salmon are pretty expensive to eat week in and week out and I would avoid farmed fish if you can.

And unless you are reading this from your log cabin on the Naknek river and plan to catch these beauties yourself…

…just what can you do?

Your next best bet and my favourite supplement of all time is good quality fish oil. Like anything in life, there is good and bad. Cheap fish oil often contain pollutants, PCB’s and heavy metals, which can be a real problem.

You’ve all probably tried cod liver oil at some point, even if it was your gran or your mum and dad necking a few of these back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Granny was right though but things have moved on since then and taking cod liver oil is like using a cheap 2 star oil in a Buggati Veyron. Your body is more valuable than an expensive car so you need to look after it with a 5 star high octane super oil.

Some benefits of fish oils to you-

1. Faster metabolism so body fat/weight loss

2. Reduce inflammation so reduced soreness after a workout

3. Joint lubrication and can aid in the prevention of Arthritis and Osteoporosis

4. Brain food. Makes you smarter and slows brain ageing.

5. Can reduce symptoms of depression and act as a mood enhancer

6. Raises “good cholesterol” in the body and prevent heart attacks

7. The best skin moisturiser from the inside rather than using creams on the outside

8. Can aid in reducing the chance of Alzheimer’s

9. Great for the hair, nails and complexion

10. Studies show that kids with ADHD may benefit from a high dose of fish oil

11. Can help lower blood pressure

It’s actually easier to say what fish oil doesn’t do

I will be honest, if there is one thing you invest in, it’s a quality fish oil.

Quite a few of you started taking the glucosamine product from USANA last month, which was great.

USANA also produce one of the purest, high quality fish oils and we recommend to all our clients.

There is a promotion going on from the 1st of July to the 1st of Aug with a 3 month supply being 10% cheaper than normal. I know a lot of people that are buying 6 at a time.

Give me a shout if you’d like to order some.

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