Orange Juice is Healthy Right?

Orange juice…

They told us it was healthy. They told us it was what you need EVERY day.

What about the vitamin C and it being 1 of you 5 a day?

That’s just clever marketing and a complete lie.  It’s all just sugary nonsense.

It’s packaged wonderfully.

Large, bright oranges, literally bursting full of liquid sunshine and energy.

How inviting.

The truth tells us a real story.

One hundred years ago you could get great oranges. If oranges were picked and crushed immediately, then the odd glass of OJ could have some nutritional benefit but not now. Oranges are big business which means they are massed produced for export.

Farmers uses pesticides to kill bugs and other fungus to keep the orange looking attractive. These pesticides although perfectly legal, end up in our oranges. The oranges are shipped thousands of miles to end up in our supermarkets virtually devoid of any nutritional value.

When squeezed into orange juice, all the vitamins and minerals that MIGHT have been there have been lost and you are left with a very high GI liquid and it is called healthy orange juice.

200ml of OJ contains 20grams of sugar. I don’t care if its natural sugar, its still sugar.

And you don’t just have 200ml do you?

No, you have 400ml which will give you a whopping 40grams of sugar.

40 grams of sugar is the same as 8 teaspoons of normal table sugar!

Where does this sugar end up in our bodies?

One word. FAT!

Not to mention the behavioral problems that high sugar drinks have been proven to exacerbate in kids.

That is another newsletter for another time.

Orange juice, apple juice, all juices…..they are all the same.

Avoid them in the morning, avoid them in the afternoon, avoid them full stop.

Drink water instead. Your body will thank you for it.

If you value your health that is.

Until next time….

Gav 🙂

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