Save Money, Lose Weight

“Save Money, Lose Weight”

Was the name of the TV programme that aired last night on ITV and will no doubt be mentioned in today’s papers.

Anyone see it?

The programme examined the cost effectiveness of many popular diets, which of course so many people are using at this time of the year.

It looked at “Lighter life”, “The Paleo Diet”, “Lean in 15” by Joe Wicks and a few other crappy food replacement shakes, bars and microwave meals.

Each person taking the trial followed a set diet for 28days and the weight loss was measured. This weight loss in lbs was then checked against the cost of the diet over 28 days.

This spewed out a so-called “result” of how much each pound of weight loss cost.

Its no wonder people are confused over nutrition and weight loss when the TV puts on drivel such as this.

The winning diet was Lighter Life. The chap who was on this diet was previously eating 4000Kcal per day of junk food and this diet slashed his calories to 600kcal per day.

Well of course he will lost weight – anyone would.

In fact he lost 23lbs because he was bloody starving.

The diet cost £322 for the month so each lbs of weight loss cost £14

Ironically, the two diets that I would actually consider the best of the bunch, “Paleo diet” and “Lean in 15″ came last and second to last purely because they cost more and the person lost less weight.

It was such a moronic programme but excellent newsletter material.

I have a new diet that will blow Lighter Life out the park.

For 28 days, do not eat one thing.

You are however, allowed unlimited tap water. This will help with the diet.

Cost of the diet = nothing

Results = Weight loss, at least 30lb or more is to be expected. Severe malnutrition, organ failure and death may also occur.


I really do not understand television companies, nutritionists, doctors and other so called experts that put their name to this.

The programme showed us that if you restrict your calories severely you will lose weight and if the method of doing that doesn’t cost much, you have a good diet.

Its just nonsense.


Under no circumstances do I suggest anyone try my ” don’t eat anything diet” prescribed above.

I was of course joking and I know you know this but you have to say these things or the fun police jump down your throat 🙂

Exercise more and eat a little less of healthy, nutritious sources of protein, fats and vegetables is my favourite diet and you know what?

It works every time.

I’m in for another knee surgery today.

Arthroscopy on my left knee. That tennis match 18 months turned out to be very expensive.

Probably works out to be about £400 per game, if we were to use ITV’s criteria for success and failure

Have a great weekend.

Gav 🙂

PS. The Eighty20Lifestyle philosophy of nutrition <===

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