The Egg White Omelette

Today I want to talk to you about something that really bugs me.

It’s something that I see every week in the popular media and particularly in fitness circles which makes it even more frustrating.

The egg white omelette.

I guess that it was borne out of the idea that the yolk has fat in it and can give you high cholesterol. Supposedly.

Let me say one thing.


Stop eating this bland, rubber, half-baked excuse of an omelette and keep the yolks.

This is why.

It’s true that the yolk contains all the fat but that isn’t a problem.

The average egg contains about 6 or 7 grams of protein. It’s the best protein actually, totally complete with all the ingredients to grow a healthy chicken. No surprise there.

It also contains roughly the same amount of fat as protein so let’s say 6 grams for arguments sake. This fat is mostly saturated, some monounsaturated and a smidgen of polyunsaturated.

By cutting the yolks you will leave the egg white and lose at least half the protein but you do cut out all the fat content. You are left with about 3 grams of protein. However, you have now made the protein incomplete and it’s nowhere near as effective. You have taken a near perfect food and made it a poor source of protein.

Why would you do it?

It’s like buying a brand new Ferrari with no wheels.

Let’s say the average scrambled egg or omelet was 3 eggs, you now need 6 or 7 egg whites to equal 3 whole eggs and give you roughly 20 grams of protein.

Your egg shopping bill is now doubled and you still get an inferior product.

Many people into their health and particularly the fitness industry, perhaps getting ready for a competition or a photo shoot are following a low fat diet so by cutting the yolks they assume that they are reducing the fat in their diet.

This is true but we know that a good amount of fat is needed for optimal fat loss, testosterone production and mood enhancement so it would make sense to me to keep the yolks but account for their fat content and adjust the rest of the daily food intake accordingly.

For example, they could reduce the portion size of nuts later in the day or not have the olive oil dressing on their salad.

This way, you still get to eat the whole egg and get all the goodness and you get a far tastier breakfast.

The next point is cholesterol.

Cholesterol has got a bad rap over the years and this is unfair. With going into too much detail, cholesterol is needed for virtually every major hormonal function in the body. Bottom line is we need it. If the body obtains cholesterol through the diet it will limit its own production of it. If the diet is low in cholesterol it will up its own production.

It is very clever you know…

Cutting the yolks from your omelette will have no benefit to the amount of cholesterol in your body. This is a fact.

One point that is important, you need to buy the best quality of eggs that you can afford. Free range organic or the omega 3 eggs are the best. These chickens have been fed and raised correctly so produce the best eggs with a slight increase in omega 3 content in the yolk and we all know the benefit of Omega 3.

Don’t we?

So there is my take on the egg white omelette

Do yourself a favour. Keep the egg yolks, enjoy the most complete protein source on the planet, along with a whole host of other important nutrients that are essential for our health and never eat egg whites again.

Unless you enjoy boring, bland, rubbery food that is…..:)

Have a great weekend.

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