37 Reasons NOT To Go To The Gym

37 Reasons Not To Go To The Gym

1. You like feeling weak and feeble

2. You thought about it, but smashing 4 eps of House of Cards with a bottle of wine is much more appealing (I get that)

3. Your alarm clock didn’t go off

4. Your iPhone died over night

5. Your iPhone is your alarm clock

6. The dog was sick in the night so your sleep was broken

7. The dog was sick on your iPhone (mmmhh…OK)

8. Your tube was running late

9. You forgot your trainers

10. You forgot it was Monday

11. It’s Monday

12. You want to go but your ex goes to the same gym so…

13. You want to go but your ex doesn’t go to that gym now lol

14. Fat is the new thin

15. You like being fat

16. You’d hate to ever be thin

17. You are already thin

18. You got stuck in a meeting with my boss

19. Your boss said he was going to the gym and goes to your gym

20. You like having low energy, feeling stressed out and tired all day long

21. You’ve been to the gym before, you didn’t like it

22. There is no wifi in your gym

23. The lighting in the gym is no good for selfies

24. You have to keep your vest on at the gym

25. The hot chick that you like to perv at trains at another gym now

26. The hot guy you like to perv at trains at another gym now.

27. You have a hangover

28. You lost your job and thought f**k it.

29. You got a new job and thought f**k it

30. Your iPhone worked, alarm woke you up but still your thought f**k it

31. You are going for drinks after work to celebrate your new job and thought… yea you know…

32. You went to the gym yesterday, why do you need to go today?

33. The air conditioning doesn’t work at the gym

34. The air conditioning is too cold at the gym

35. You hate the gym

36. The gym doesn’t work

37. You saw a skinny girl running. You like running.

Bonus no 38….

38. You just don’t want to go so stop asking

You obviously didn’t read my post on 19 reasons to get to the gym did you?

Hop over there right now for a big fat dose of motivation and man the f**K up 🙂

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