5lbs of Fat and 5lbs of Muscle – which one weighs the most?

Hands up if you said 5lbs of muscle?

Well YOU might not have but when I’ve asked a few peeps in person they’ve said the muscle.

They weigh the same, of course they do.

5lbs is 5lbs but as you can see from the picture, the fat takes up a lot more space than the muscle and is metabolically dead, whereas the lean muscle tissue needs a lot of calories to sustain it.

This is the reason that building lean muscle tissue should be the aim for EVERYONE that wants to lose body fat and get in shape or stay in shape.

When you build muscle your metabolic rate increases. You burn more calories in the gym, at work and at rest.

You can eat MORE food and not gain any weight and you can lose body fat so much quicker.

Someone said to me the other week “you only do weights with your clients coz you are into weights”

I said “that’s rubbish – I only do weights because I want the best results for my clients”

If 45 mins on the cross trainer built muscle then that’s what we’d be doing.

Thankfully that isn’t the case 🙂

LADIES – do not shy away from weight training. If you are 16 or 60, weight training will benefit you and actually has too many benefits to list now.

For more info on that go here ===>

A 5lb muscle gain on a woman would results in a tighter, leaner and WAY smaller physique/body than before.

A 5lb muscle gain on a man is not even that noticeable either.

Except maybe his abs are looking leaner and he feels a little fuller in the chest and arms.

I hope this helps you guys as I’m still hearing misconceptions like this a lot.

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