7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire A Personal Trainer in Liverpool Street


A Personal Trainer in Liverpool Street

They will (should) be well educated.

A decent personal trainer (not all) will be well educated and have the equivalent of a degree , usually a BSc. in Sports Science or something similar and will have continually worked on his/her education throughout their career. The minimum qualification is REPS level 3 so always check that the trainer has at least this to his name. Having said that, a bunch of qualifications doesn’t necessarily make a good personal trainer as results are the name of the game but it’s a good start.

They usually have a fairly decent understanding of nutrition which is the key to any successful weight loss or muscle building regimen. A good indicator is whether the individual is or has been in fairly good condition themselves at some point in their lives.

Do you want to take fat loss advice from an obese trainer?  I’m sure you’d prefer not to but in many gyms you will see this. I always ask the question “if you know how to burn body fat then why are you not practicing what you preach?”

Medical conditions and injuries aside, it usually means they are lazy or just don’t know how to so you have to be careful in your selection. With a little bit of enquiring and observation, you will be able to find a great personal trainer that knows what they are doing and looks the part too.

They can encourage and motivate you in your pursuit of your goal.

Sometimes you will finish work after a long, stressful day and you just won’t want to go to the gym. That has happened to everyone and it will happen to you if it hasn’t already. When you have a session booked in the diary with a PT, the chances of you going are raised significantly for several reasons.

Firstly, you’ve paid for the session, which you will lose if you cancel and secondly, a little part of you doesn’t want to let your PT down and/or yourself down. You’ve committed to it, its booked and you will feel bad by cancelling. (you still will sometimes).

Once you are there, the personal trainer can and will motivate and encourage you to get your arse in gear and sometimes this can be just enough to inspire you to work hard, put the effort in and experience a really great session. I can’t remember the countless times where a client has turned around and said “I loved that session, thanks for pushing me, I’m so glad I didn’t cancel despite feeling sick/knackered/tired/depressed/angry with my boss and so on”

Personal Trainer Liverpool Street

That’s what a good personal trainer will do for you. Get you through the tough times, push you harder than you thought you could go and help you achieve the goal that is important to you, whatever that goal may be.

They won’t let you skip the last few sets and leave early

How many times have you been at the gym on your own and you had a workout planned and towards the end of the session you said to yourself, “OK, that will do, I’m done” and quit your workout 10 min or so before you should have? I know I’ve done that many times and I’m a personal trainer so I can imagine you must have several times. A good trainer won’t let you do that.

You will work hard in your session and the trainer will push you all the way. That doesn’t mean he/she will annihilate you into the ground but he/she will be constantly pushing you by increasing the weights in a given set as often as possible, adding reps and looking for ways to increase the intensity.

This is called progressive overload, which sadly, many individuals that haven’t had a PT do not understand. What this means is that you are always adding that extra rep or increasing the weight whenever possible. Without this you can’t progress. Your muscle tissue is broken down when training and when you eat, sleep and recover well, in theory, your muscles will be stronger and the muscle fibres slightly larger than before. This is muscle growth or hypertrophy. Just one rep makes all the difference to your results.

If you train with the same reps, sets and weights week after week, you cannot expect to make much improvement. In fact, your body will actually use less energy as it gets very efficient at moving or shifting a certain weight.

I think that this is a problem for many people that train all over the world. The consistent lack of progressive overload. So back to my point, your trainer will constantly be pushing you harder, to lift more weight and for more reps as he/she knows that this will lead to you achieving the results you want

They want good results as much as you, if not more.

Remember, their business is based around your success and testimonial. A personal trainer has a massively invested interest in your success. In fact, its the life blood of a good trainer. If you don’t get results, you won’t rebook. If you don’t give a glowing account to all your friends and work colleagues then it’s been a bad day for the said trainer. The trainer may be a nice person and even a friend but achieving results is the key here.

You are paying for a service and you want to achieve a goal. If you don’t achieve that goal you can blame two people.

Personal Trainer Liverpool street

One, your trainer and secondly yourself. There is no one else to blame. The trainer will do their best in the session but you have the other 23 hrs in that day where you need to take care of your end of the bargain.

A good trainer will help you to take care of the hours outside of the gym by providing nutrition advice, a training plan on your own but ultimately, you are the one that will make or break your results.

A personal trainer can help you see the small mistakes that could be causing big problems.

Your training is going well, you are following the diet as best you can but something isn’t quite working. The body fat isn’t shifting, you are not getting stronger and you are lacking energy for your sessions and in the rest of the day. You have no idea what the problem is because you’ve been following the plan 100%. Or have you?

What I’ve found can happen is that the client very often ends up doing a version of the plan, their version and can end up adopting 2 or 3 habits that over time can stop the results coming like they should.

Personal Trainer Liverpool Street

E.G. The diet plan says eat one piece of fruit per day, ideally low GI berries. On examining the clients food diary we may find that the client is eating 2 or 3 pieces of fruit per day and it’s high GI. This may be causing problems. The diet says to eat 15 nuts in a portion but the client is eating from a bag of nuts and the bag disappears over the day. We all know how easy it is to demolish a bag of nuts (if you like nuts of course). It’s not even conscious. These tiny things can all have a big impact on results and the client may not be even aware of them.

A good personal trainer should monitor your progress in four ways.

Weight on the scale

Body measurements

Body fat loss/gain

Performance in the gym

Your actual weight can be an indication of whether progress is being made and if weight loss is the main goal it’s nice to see the scale moving south but it’s not the most important factor. Many people look at the scale as the be all and end all but its actually the least important factor to look at in terms of results.

Personal Trainer

A good personal trainer will show you the difference between fat loss and muscle gain. Measuring body dimensions is a powerful indicator of results. When these start moving then you know you are getting results and its nice to see visually with regular pictures taken over the weeks and months. Testing a persons body fat with callipers is very important. The one thing that can’t lie is body fat. A clients weight may have gone down but the skin fold measurements have stayed the same or even increased. This would indicate a loss of lean muscle tissue, which the is the kiss of death in terms of fat loss but if we were to look at weight loss as a means to indicate success here, we would be misinformed.

Unfortunately many people are still hung up over what they weigh.

Performance in the gym is for me one of the most important indicators of results. If you are getting stronger, lifting more weight for more reps then I know you are building muscle. If you are building muscle then I know you will burn body fat if the diet is appropriate. If you are getting stronger quite rapidly, its safe to say that adequate protein is being consumed.

These are the four main ways that a great personal trainer can monitor your progress yes many people are still looking at the scales as the most important one.

A good personal trainer will tell you how it is.

They won’t sugar coat it like a lot of people close to you might. If you are messing up they will tell you. If you ask him/her if your bum looks fat and you are scared of the answer, then don’t ask the question. A personal trainer is there to help coach you, guide you and show you the best way to get the results you want. He/she isn’t there to tell you what you want to hear.

That said, he/she won’t ruin you every time you step in the gym because you messed up on your diet over the weekend, but they should guide you back on the path of success whilst telling you how and why you messed up.

A great trainer will tell you where you are now but with a few changes and tweaks, look where you could be…

So there we have 7 reasons why you should hire a personal trainer Liverpool Street if you want results.

Gav from Eighty20lifestyle is personal trainer based in Liverpool street, central london.

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