Don’t Do THIS in The Gym

1) The cross trainer.

Slow, boring cardio that won’t help you burn much fat. It’s non weight-bearing which means you have to work very hard just to raise your heart rate to a level that will stress your body and tap into those fat stores.

This lack of resistance means there will be little if any testosterone or growth hormone produced and we know that those two substances are the most potent muscle-building and fat burning hormones available.

Top tip – use the treadmill to do HIIT, or Tabata

2) The abductor and adductor machine. Many women use this machine trying to “tone” their inner and outer thighs. The bad news is that this just doesn’t work.

There are 13 muscles in a human leg and this machine isolates one tiny part of one of those muscles. We know that the metabolism is raised and fat is burnt when many muscles are used at the same time, for example, a lunge, which uses all 13 muscles. Granted, if you use this machine and work hard on it you may well feel a “burn” and you may even feel sore the next day but this doesn’t mean its working.

If you wave you hand enough it will give you a sore wrist but I can guarantee if won’t tone or strengthen your arms

Top tip – Use Squats and lunges

3) Conventional sit ups and crunches. Everyone has a six-pack. It’s the body fat covering the muscle that is preventing you from having a lean mid section.

Working your abs for endless amounts of sit ups and crunches won’t burn fat from this area. Heavy, compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press, chin ups to name a few, will. Your body will burn fat when your metabolic rate is raised and this is best done through heavy weight training for both males and females.

I personally put fat on my face when I put weight on. I also lose if from my face when I’m training hard but to this day I have never worked my face out in the gym.

Something to think about.

You can’t spot reduce an area by training one area hard.

Top tip – use heavy weights, resistance training to raise your metabolic rate. 

So there we have it…

Have a fantastic day

Gav 🙂

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