How To Get a Body Like Brad Pitt (In Snatch)

So you want that lean, wiry, athletic look of a pikey bare-knuckle fighter do ya?

Well I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The bad news first.

Mr Pitt is “one of them”

When I say one of them, I refer to those guys that are classic hard gainers, can eat all the food they want and never get fat and were born with a tight waist, wide shoulders and full, long muscle bellies.

If you have to question whether that’s you or not, I will tell you right now…

…it aint 🙂

Ahhhh god like genetics. You either got em or you don’t.

Hard luck.

Choose better parents next time round.

But now the good news.

You might not end up looking like Brad but if you follow this programme and my nutrition advice, YOU WILL look the very best that your genetics allow and that my friends is still better than 95% of the people on the planet.

** SECRET – this works for ladies too.

Don’t worry, you won’t look like Brad, however good your gene pool 🙂

Follow this for 8 weeks for pikey bare-knuckle fighter results:


Eat 4 meals per day
Eat 2g protein per KG/bw – EG. 75kg = 150g protein
Follow the 211 principle with your macros
Drink 3 litres water per day
Sleep 6-8hrs per day
2 units or less of alcohol per week (yea you read that right)
Prep your own food and bring it with you (or pay a food prep company like Fresh Fitness foods)


Weight train 4 times per week
HIIT 1 or 2 times per week (as needed)
Focus on compound movements – Squats, dead lifts, chin up, dips etc
Forget the beach muscles. i.e. Chest & guns
Keep your reps between 6 and 12

So there we have it.

Simple. But not easy. Anything worthwhile isn’t easy though right?

Have a great day and give me a shout when you are ready to get results.

Gav 🙂

PS. Look out for Sally’s testimonial tomorrow about my online coaching programme.

PPS. You know I said forget the beach muscles? If it’s Friday, you can train chest and arms – it’s allowed :))))

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