Meet Richard

Meet Richard…


“I met Gav three months ago after reading his newsletter for some time and being impressed with the level of knowledge and insight in his articles. We met over a coffee and Gav, straight away, was amenable, friendly and, pleasingly, explained he could help.

Like many thirty-something year-olds in the City, over the last fifteen years exercise has taken an unintentional backward step in favour of the ‘City life’: sedentary work life followed by overindulgence of foodstuffs which, when combined with a lack of exercise, results in an undesirable level of fitness and deteriorating body shape.

During the last three months, and with Gav’s help, I have stopped the rot and begun to get some of my shape back. Moreover, there has not just been a physical improvement, but also a psychological one which has been commented on in work, social circles, and also at home.

It is not easy though – I guess like breaking any habit – and the next three months is not just going to be about carrying on the physical training, but also the diet, which is key.

Gav has provided me with a diet plan which I have not really followed in the first three months, but he has chipped away at me and cordially explained: “What is the point of doing half of it? You’re just spending money on PT sessions and wine / beer now!

So, the next three months is about really trying to change my lifestyle and adopt and eighty20 way of living. That’s not to say one cannot enjoy oneself, but to know one’s limits.

What Gav doesn’t know about PT and nutrition, in my opinion, is not worth knowing and I look forward to the challenge of the next three months”

Well thanks for the kind words Sir.

Here’s the interesting thing: Richard has only lost 3lbs in the whole 12 weeks, which shocked me a little but is entirely possible.

I know that Richard’s strength has almost doubled on some exercises, his stamina and overall fitness levels have increased dramatically and his body shape has changed quite clearly.

He has dropped a tonne of body fat and built some nice lean muscle tissue.

For anyone that uses the scales as a indication of success then this is for you. If we were to pay attention to that too much, we would have said that the 3lbs loss in 12 weeks was a massive fail – but that isn’t the case here.

Well done to you Richard – imagine what we can do in the next 12 weeks.

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I look forward to hearing from you

Gav 🙂

PS. Nothing here today mes amis, but thanks for checking 🙂


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