The REAL Reason You Ain’t Burning Body Fat

You want to know the answer?

Well assuming your diet is clean most of the time, high protein with good fats and carbs when needed, the exercises you select in the gym will play a MASSIVE roll.

We see it in gyms all the time. People working hard on exercises that just don’t work.

Allow me to explain.

Lady walks into the gym, wants to lose weight and decides to work the back of her arms (as she seems to store a lot of fat there) in the form of tricep kicks backs or some type of tricep extension on a cable machine.

10 sets later her triceps are burning but she has burnt very few calories, built even less muscle and the fat on her arms as well as the rest of her body remains the same.

She carries on like this for several weeks and is at a loss as to why her body isn’t changing.

Now you may be reading this thinking ” yes Gav, thanks for telling me this again, I’ve only heard it from you about 27 times before” and if you are, this is no 28.

BUT most are still doing useless activity in the gym and they’ve read it before too so…

THE most effective way to burn body fat is to perform multi-joint exercises or compound movements that work, 2,3,4 or more muscle groups at once.

E.G Dumbbell squat and press.

Works every muscle in the body on some level.

Heart rate goes through the roof, lungs are burning, blood pumping like crazy. Metabolic rate goes up, muscle is built, fat is burnt and everyone is happy.

Our lady from above could do 3 or 4 sets of squat and press instead of tricep kick backs and would burn fat from not just her arms but from every other area of her body too.

You store body fat when and where your genetics determine.

You had no choice in that decision. Similarly, you have no choice where it will be burnt from.

Your body will burn body fat as a whole and not from the area you work.

With that in mind, you need to work the BIGGEST muscles at all times.

Want to burn fat off your stomach?

Then get working those legs.

Want to reduce those bingo wings?

Then start working your upper body through heavy presses, pulls and my favourite for getting lean in a hurry – the farmers walk.

Lift heavy shit off the floor. Walk as far and as far as you can. Drop heavy shit to the floor.

And repeat 🙂

If you have EVER had a personal trainer and he or she has given you isolation work on your arms then he/she needs to go back to school.

The only people that need isolation work are body builders that are looking to bring up a particular body part OR someone is injured and needs to avoid working multi-joints.

Other great exercises that your programme should consist of are:

Miltary press
Chin ups

That list is not exhaustive of course…

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