Train Like a Man To Look Like a Woman

What do I mean when I say this?

Well having successfully trained hundreds of males and females over the years I have made a very important observation when it comes to achieving results.

Before I get into this let me take you through a scenario that is played out every day across most gyms across the planet.

Our fictional character today, Jo Smith goes into her local gym and wants to lose a few pounds and has heard that weight training could possibly be the way forward. Jo goes to the cross trainer and does 20mins at a fairly brisk pace to warm up and gets a good sweat on. She then hovers on the edge of the weights area feeling slightly intimidated to enter for two reasons.

Firstly she is not quite sure just what she is supposed to do and secondly, she feels that all the big muscular guys will look at her and make her feel silly. She also believes she has no right to be there and should probably stick to cardio because it will still make her lose weight if she works hard enough.

She stands there thinking about this for another minute and finally plucks up the courage to grab two dumbbells that are lurking on the edge of the weights section

I see this every day in the gym.

2 x 5kg. “Perfect” she thinks to herself, as she has used the 5’s before so she knows she can do them no problem. Jo tried the 6kg’s once but they were quite a struggle so the 5’s work. She performs 3 sets of 12 reps for lunges then goes over to the machine area and does 3 sets of 12 tricep pressdowns as she wants to tone the back of her arms and 3 sets of lat pulldown.

5mins of abs and a quick stretch and Jo is good to go. She leaves the gym half convincing herself that she had a great session with “weights” but deep down she knows that this isn’t really going to cut the mustard.

Now I know I have this scenario is a little clichéd but it’s actually true for many women across the world.

It shouldn’t be like this and to be honest, the reality is actually very different.

Somewhere along the way, Jo’s view has been distorted and I want to show you the truth today.

The truth is, that all guys totally respect any woman entering the weights area never mind actually training with weights. When I’ve been training in the gym myself personally and a woman is training I always think to myself, great, there is someone who is doing the right thing and I respect that and so does everyone else.

Anyone that doesn’t just doesn’t deserve any attention so ladies, please ignore them

Here lies the next problem.

Once a woman has mustered up the courage to get into the weights room she needs to know what she is doing. It’s no good just grabbing what is free and repeating what you have done countless times before and expecting results. It can’t and won’t ever work.

So here it is, the Pièce de résistance…..


Whatever you ideal size, weight or shape is, whatever your goals, you need to train hard, heavy and with more aggression than the amount that comes naturally to you.

It means picking up the weights that are heavy and stepping out of your comfort zone. It burns and it’s painful. You will sweat loads and your face will twist and contort and you must train like you are trying to get MASSIVE… But the really cool thing is, you won’t!

Won’t get massive I mean.

Don’t believe me? Check this out. This increased aggression will boost your testosterone levels and what you will get is increased muscle tone, and a leaner, tighter stronger and sexier body than you can achieve from just about anything else I know

You need to train with big compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, chin ups, dips, bench press and rows to name a few. Exercises that hold the most “bang for your buck”. These compound movements use 3,4 and more muscle groups at once in fact the deadlift pretty much uses every muscle in your body.

The more muscle fibres you recruit in a given lift or movement the more your metabolic rate will rise and of course, you will grow new muscle tissue but you won’t ever get too big or too muscular.

This increased metabolism means an increase in calorie expenditure which means you will burn calories even at rest. You can literally be burning calories from a heavy weights session upto 38hrs later due to a complicated process called EPOC.

Now THAT is cool, right?

You need to commit to lifting heavy weights 3 times per week with a target or goal in mind. Lose that stone of body fat, drop a dress size or two or get back into that LBD for the ensuing Christmas parties.

Is it that time already???

You MUST drink a protein shake after your workout if you want to even think about getting any type of results. This point is non-negotiable.

Not sure why? Read this

All of these typically male gym traits you MUST adopt if you want the results that you REALLY want. In fact, you need to train harder than the average man because fat loss and muscle gain comes easy for us. You have to dig deep and fight hard for every ounce of precious muscle tissue.

You have train hard, eat clean, sleep well and pray to the heavens above that you gain a kg or two of muscle and then and only then will you start to look the way you want to look.

Lean, toned and defined.

I can virtually guarantee that any female in the public eye that looks lean and defined has achieved that look with a heavy weights or resistance programme.

A great example is Jessica Biel in this picture below.

She is known for working out nearly every day to achieve her lean body. She isn’t too muscular and she will lift heavy weights at least 3-4 times per week.

Don’t be scared to lift heavy weights!

Train like a man to look like a lean, toned, defined and sexy woman.

See you in the weights room soon

Gav 🙂

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