DO THIS, But Only If You Want Results…

I was in the US a few weeks back and I went to “24hr fitness” and got a week membership for $50. I managed to squeeze four training sessions so I got my moneys worth.

I like to train a lot when I go away as it helps firstly to offset the extra calories that I will definitely take onboard when in the US, and exercise really helps when it comes to the dreaded jet lag.

Look out for my post tomorrow on the 5 best ways to combat jet lag. (I nailed it this time)

Anyway, 24hr fitness is a huge chain of gyms in the states and the kit is really good.

There must have been 40 cross trainers and about 15  treadmills, and every time I went to the gym, there wasn’t ONE space. The cardio machines were packed…

…yet there was tumble weed blowing through the weights section and I swear I could hear crickets… 🙂

Why is that?

Smirk at the screen right now if you are looking to lose body fat or have done in the last 6 months.

Virtually every single one of you so I guess it’s the same in the US.

So why is everyone still wasting valuable energy on the cross trainer?

The truth is, they just don’t know the truth but if you’ve been reading my “stuff” for a while you do.

Don’t you?

If you don’t, then here you go.

The no 1
Way to burn
Body fat is: 


If you have 5 stone or 5 lbs to lose, the most effective and efficient use of your time would be spent lifting weights.

“But I really like running and doing cardio” I hear some of you say.

Yep, me too at times but if you want to maximise your time in the gym and get the best results then the majority of your time in the gym should be doing weight training, especially if you are a woman

If you want to get strong, run fast, lose weight, look lean, sleep better, look and feel sexy and you are male or female, then weight training is just the ticket

I know you’ve heard it all before and now you’ve heard it again.

You’re welcome 🙂

Have a great start to the working week and make sure you check back here tomorrow for my post on the 5 best ways to combat jet lag.

Gav 🙂

PS. Lift heavy sh*t off the floor for results <===

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